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20 Things to know about Jeff Bezos – Founder Amazon


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has passed turning point after development this year as the online retailer’s honor has flooded. Toward the finish of July, he turned into the world’s richest person, exceeding opponent Bill Gates.

1. His birth name isn’t Jeff Bezos — it’s Jeffrey Preston Jorgenson. His folks got a separation when he was the only multi-year old; his father was a high wire unicycle performer who was not winning quite a bit of a living, and his adolescent mother kicked him out. She later married and Jeff took his name, and he would be known as Jeff Bezos from that point on.

2. As a youngster, Bezos was insatiably curious — he was continually attempting to make sense of how things functioned and why they did what they did. He likewise made his own particular creations for the sake of entertainment and furthermore for usefulness, particularly ones with a scientific and technological twisted. For instance, he once made an alert that was designed to shield his more youthful kin from going into his room. He additionally made a science research facility in his folks’ carport so he could direct his investigations in a more secure space. This inclination toward tinkering and experimenting would serve him exceptionally well, first as the founder of an internet startup company and afterward as the CEO of the retail giant that startup grew to turn into.

3. In addition mechanical know-how, the DIY ethic is likewise deeply ingrained in Bezos’ heart: for as long as he can remember when he’s needed something, he’s got the reins and done it without anyone’s help. Here’s an immaculate illustration: when he was only three years of age, he was disappointed with dozing in his bunk and needed to rest in a genuine bed. His folks did not allow his desires, so he brought matters into his own hands. He got a screwdriver and, independent from anyone else, dismantled his lodging. It was a move that took creativity, perseverance, and a ton of guts. These qualities were apparent in Bezos from an amazingly early age, and they’ve helped him wind up a standout amongst the best agents on the planet today.

4. In addition, being great with his hands, Bezos was likewise an outstanding understudy. While he was enlisted in Miami Palmetto Senior High School, he was a piece of the University of Florida’s Student Science Training Program and got acknowledgment for scholastic magnificence from The Miami Herald. He was likewise valedictorian of his class and a National Merit Scholar. Upon graduation, he went to Princeton University, where he finished a twofold degree in electrical building and software engineering and furthermore ranked high scholastically. He was an individual from both Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi respect social orders and graduated Summa cum laude.

5. After he completed his investigations at Princeton, Bezos was interested in a vocation with a Wall Street tech startup company. He took a situation with Fitel, a company that made stock following programming. Following two years, Fitel was sold, and Bezos moved to a vocation with the Bankers Trust Company. After two years, he was contracted by D.E. Shaw, a venture administration firm, and in a resulting couple of years, he worked his way up to a Senior Vice President position. Truth be told, he was the company’s most youthful ever VP. He remained there until 1995 when he cleared out voluntarily to dispatch Amazon, and the rest, as is commonly said, is history.

6. Another earth-shattering thing happened while Bezos was employed at D.E. Shaw: he met his future spouse. The previous MacKenzie Tuttle was an immediate answer to Bezos at the firm, however, the two started a romance in 1992 and were married in 1993. The combine has four kids together: three children and a little girl who was received from China. They all currently live in Seattle, where Mrs. Bezos currently fills in as an author while her better half is in control over at

7. Some startup CEOs require loads of time and space to think of an arrangement for their new business, however not Bezos. He composed the whole strategy for success for while on an auto trip from New York to Seattle. It wasn’t the best of conditions to compose a marketable strategy, however, it was a thought that he needed to get out. At first, Bezos needed to call the new company “Cadabra,” as in “abra cadabra,” however after hearing it, his legal advisor thought it sounded excessive like “dead body,” an affiliation that Bezos completely did not need. He at that point changed the name to his second decision — Amazon, after the longest stream on the planet, since he needed to make the new online shop into the greatest retailer on the planet. Discuss promising beginnings.

8. To the extent workgroups or work, gatherings are concerned, Bezos has an approach that is regularly alluded to as “The Two Pizza Rule.” It works this way: in the event that you require in excess of two pizzas to encourage the general population included, it’s too huge. Also, in spite of its name, this run has nothing to do with eating and everything to improve correspondence through a decentralized authoritative structure. Little gatherings take into account more individuals to have their thoughts heard, while substantial gatherings regularly muffle the nonconformists and more bashful representatives. It’s somewhat chaotic to monitor from a CEO stance, yet it really prompts more advancement after some time. It’s turned out to be such a famous approach, to the point that different organizations are putting their own “Two Pizza Rule” into impact.

9. Bezos isn’t simply centered on Amazon — he’s interested in pushing technology and the internet forward as much as he can. In addition, he’s dependably felt thusly, and one of his speculations right around 20 years back is confirmation of that. Bezos was an early investor in Google, placing $250,000 in the company path in 1998

10. Bezos has an extraordinary giggle: it’s insane verging on completely deranged. Regardless of his significant chuckle, in any case, Bezos has a notoriety for being a merciless pioneer, pursuing the opposition in a down to business way, and functioning as hard as he needs to keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish his objectives. While this state of mind has gotten him far, it has additionally drawn a decent lot of feedback. In 2015, The New York Times printed an article itemizing some entirely offensive working conditions at Amazon, notwithstanding going so far as to call it a “callous, tragic working environment where no fun is had and no chuckling is heard.” Bezos thought about the allegations literally, negating the cases in a commendably proficient way. It certainly put a gouge in Amazon’s corporate picture for some time, however, no other real uncover has been distributed since, so maybe Bezos appreciated the feedback and diminished whatever harsh edges existed at the company.

11. Extraordinary client benefit is something that Bezos considers important; he is resolved that each Amazon client be dealt with well, as it enhances the probability of more business from him or her later on. Additionally, Bezos isn’t over the modest assignments. All things considered, each Amazon worker — including himself — is required to function as a client benefit agent for two days like clockwork. It helps everybody in the company — once more, including himself — create what it takes to give that level of administration to the company’s customer base.

12. While Bezos is interested in great business, one thing he’s not particularly into is music. That may not seem like a lethal blemish, but rather his not being interested in music helped darling Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who broadly cherished music, position Apple to overwhelm the computerized music advertise. The quick achievement of both the iPod and the iTunes store put a colossal gouge in Amazon’s music business, which had been made up as a rule of CD deals until the mid-2000s. Subsequently, Bezos strapped for the progress of the Kindle and the Kindle store with the goal that Apple wouldn’t have the capacity to control both the computerized music industry and the advanced book industry.

13. Bezos has dependably had an interest in space travel. In his secondary school valedictorian discourse, he even discussed needing to set up human space states so the Planet Earth could be kept as nature save. That thought may sound somewhat out there, however, Bezos is as yet set his sights on space travel. He established Blue Origin in 2000 with the objective of influencing space to flight practical and reasonable. He’s stayed with the lovely secretive, as there’s a great deal still being developed, yet we do realize that he has talked with Virgin CEO Richard Branson about space travel and that the company would like to acquire the primary travelers into space 2018. To help additionally Blue Origin’s main goal, Bezos works there multi-day every week.

14. One of Bezos’ all the more astonishing buys came in 2013 when he obtained The Washington Post site for a cool $250 million. It came as a stun to many, yet Bezos made it all work out, at that point immediately evacuated the paywall with the goal that anybody could read the Post’s articles online at no charge. It ought to be noticed that Amazon was not associated with the buy of the daily paper, and has no influence over what is printed inside its pages.

15. Adjacent to The Washington Post, Bezos really claims the interest in numerous organizations — more than 40 taking all things together. Likewise, with his responsibility for Washington Post, his part with the greater part of his Bezos Expeditions organizations is totally autonomous of his part with Amazon.

16. Bezos has had not only one, but rather two close passing encounters. The first was in 2001 when he was in Seattle amid a frightening 6.9 greatness tremor. What was much additionally nerve-racking, however, was that he was about smashed by a tungsten ball measuring 20 pounds. He needed to slither under a table to escape its direction. The following brush with death was in 2003 when he was in a helicopter crash. Supposedly, the helicopter he boarded close Alpine, Texas took off, hit a solid air current, and smashed before long. Bezos endured just a couple of cuts and wounds, however, the experience was sufficiently startling that he pretty much abstains from getting into helicopters any longer.Despite the fact that Powerpoint is a backbone of 21st Century organizations the world over, Bezos is strongly against utilizing the product bundle at Amazon or any of his organizations. Rather, he asks his representatives to really work out their thoughts and proposition, now and again as long as five or six pages. Doing things along these lines, he accepts, empowers more noteworthy imaginative reasoning as opposed to depending on the effortlessness of visual cues to pass on a thought.

17. Bezos has been perceived by numerous organizations and distributions for his commitments to the business. In 1999, when Amazon was simply taking off, Time magazine named him its Person of the Year. US News and World Report called him one of America’s greatest leaders in 2008, and Fortune magazine termed him its Businessperson of the Time in 2012. At long last, in 2015, he was number one on Fortune’s rundown of the considerable leaders of the world. Besides, his manifestations have likewise won huge honors; the Amazon Kindle won an Innovation Award from The Economist in 2011.

18. Bezos doesn’t simply know how to profit — he knows how to give liberally also. He, for the most part, provides for organizations that are left leanings, and additionally those that further science and investigation. For instance, he has added to the Seattle Museum of History and Industry, the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, and the Clock of the Long Now. Furthermore, in 2012, Bezos and his family gave $2.5 million to pass Washington Referendum 74 to legitimize same-sex marriage. At long last, his home for his magnanimous interests is the Bezos Family Foundation, which is devoted to facilitating instructive interests.

19. Exactly what amount is Bezos worth? A considerable amount, things being what they are. As of June of 2016, his total assets were evaluated at $63.3 billion. He is currently ranked number four on the Forbes 400 rundown of the Richest People in America. He’s additionally (clearly) one of the most extravagant individuals on the planet. Truth be told for a short stretch he was about neck and neck with Warren Buffett.


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