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3 of the best 2D and 3D modeling software in the market

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There is always a plan, a structural design to everything that we use today, be it a TV, or a BMW, or even a small microchip. All these things first goes through a designing stage where engineers creates 2D and 3D models to further simplify the scope of that product.

As mentioned by Dylan Chappell, “Today there is no better way to understand and have a feel for new design than to see it in 3-D. Rather than your having rely on imagination to see if the bathroom door will be far enough away from the kitchen, 3-D allows you to virtually walk through your home before even approving any specs or designs“.

But How do they design that? Well, in the past we actually practiced 2D and 3D modelling on papers or with wood to create the most possible design. But we don’t need these thing now, as we have 2D and 3D softwares which has made 3d designing very real and detailed.

Before, we had the legendary AUTOCAD which actually bring 2d and 3d designing to where it is right now but today we have more than Autocad. And to further elaborate on that, let’s bring these softwares in the discussion.

1) Blender

Blender is one of the top 3d designing software in the market right now, with open-source 3d graphic manipulation you can create 3d models, visual effects, animated films, arts and games. Blender has a large variety of tools and features such as texturing, 3D modeling, rigging, and skinning, raster graphics editing, fluid-smoke simulations, particle and soft boy simulation, sculpting, match moving, animating, rendering and video editing.

2) Sketchup

Sketchup as a 3d modeling software is used in various drawing applications like films, architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and interior designing. Its unique features includes drawing layouts, variable rendering, photo-realistic rendering etc. It also supports 3rd-party plugins.

3) SolidWorks

SolidWorks is regarded as the most popular and widely used 3d modeling software in the market. With more than 2 million designers and engineers using SolidWorks for 3d modeling. SolidWorks has a very large number of tools and features and its texturing and rendering is very sharp and accurate.

Not all these softwares are used by genuine engineers and designers but also by game and visual artists. And that doesn’t show the real importance and ranking of these softwares but for me, these 3 softwares are a level above the rest.

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