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3 Misconceptions About Web Development


As a business owner, you might have come across difficulties in your web development projects went downhill, you went over budget, schedule, and became extremely frustrated. The thing is, it wasn’t really your fault (not totally), rather your team’s fault.

Still, many CEO’s have serious misconceptions in their web development capabilities. This is a serious issue since most businesses are increasingly reliant on their web presence.

So, here are some of the many misconceptions many CEO’s have regarding web development;

Web Development is Easy

Many CEO’s think that web development is easy. For example, the client asks for a simple 10 pages website with login setup, blogs, widgets, etc. They think it will be easy to create a website with these features. But even the simplest website development work is difficult and time-consuming. If you’re a developer, then you would know the simpler the design, the more difficult it is to create and more expensive the site becomes.

Involve Everyone in One Project

Most CEO’s complicate their development project when instead of the people involved in the development. They bring the whole office to contribute their ideas to the project. What they need to do is stick to the basics. Compile a strategy, objectives, brand assets, and distribute the work to the members who are involved in the process. Explains Delwin Campbell, “Don’t overcomplicate your job. Don’t do more than you have to, and don’t set yourself up for too much work in a given time period”.

Websites are like a commodity

CEO tries to get the easy and cheap way out when they harbor offshore development resources. Means they take advantages of already built templates (like with WordPress). This can work sometimes, but not with those clients who are serious about their brand and online presence. These alternatives won’t work all the time. You need to consider your work as an investment and dedicate necessary resources toward it.

You’re Not Alone

A good example of web development firm which comprises of a dedicated staff and owners who works with effective development strategies unique for each of the clients is Web Development Services Dallas. However, it doesn’t mean that your website development work cannot improve. It can, but you need to first remove all these misconceptions about web development which can affect your workflow and the overall project.


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