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4 Common Web Design Mistakes Made By Startups


When building a website, these are tons of mistakes and misconceptions about web design that some web designers wouldn’t like to hear. The thing is, these mistakes can absolutely ruin the appearance of your website, and your brand. And eventually causing you lose your clients. Every aspect of your web presence must be considered when making a website. So, here I’ve made a list of 5 common web design mistakes to clear the confusion.

Building A Website Is Easy

Building a website is and has never been easy. If you think, purchasing a domain, and making a basic website is everything, then you are wrong. Building a site is a tough job, and requires a lot of hard work, not just in building it, but also in planning and maintaining it. Making a layout and design of a site is always difficult. Not to forget content creation, blogging, social media, marketing strategies and other major factors. Many best web design services in Dallas tend to consider each and every element of website creation a top priority and make the most an efficient and cohesive final product for your business.

Thinking User Will Like What You Like

One of the most common mistakes made by web designers is about user’s perception. Many designers or website owners thinks what they like is what the user will like as well. Just because you used your favorite font, background color, or blog about your favorite topic, doesn’t mean the consumer will feel the same way. Every person has different taste and opinion. And you need to look into the majority. What majority of people like and are interested in. then build your site according to their liking, not what you think they like.

SEO Is Done After The Website Is Running

Most Dallas-based web design services consider SEO an essential part of web creation. Before you’re done in building your website, start the SEO to start ranking your website on search engines. The search engine is the best way a consumer can discover your website. And making optimizing your website from the start can make your website rank higher and discoverable to your audience.

Mobile Web Design IsNot The Priority

Responsive websites have become the main focus of most of the businesses today. Not making your website mobile friendly will only bring you minimum success. Most startups think responsive design is an upgrade for the future, which is a great mistake considering the current trend. A responsive design will help your consumers access your website easily from anywhere, at any time, from any device. So making your website mobile-friendly must be one of your top priorities.

As Brujo Owoh says, “The problem is most web designers forget that the website wasn’t created for themselves but to solve the users’ needs. They give creativity priority over practicality and usability.

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