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5 Things You Must Know Before Developing Mobile Apps

The mobile industry has had a great impact on diverse fields, marketing strategy had been affected extensively by it. The mobile industry has been able to out-do the immense field of web. The growing rate of people’s interest in the smartphones and tablets has opened doors to new and innovative ways for business owners to be able to connect with their targeted audience. Mobile phones have been able to be one of the key features of one’s lifestyle, and there are no chances of it ever being dethroned thus, created a new way for business owners to create awareness regarding their services and products easily and comprehensively.

The mobile industry has been able to gain ground in the kingdom of advanced and digital technologies. Mobile applications are the latest revolution in the marketing strategies as they provide the business owners the access to reach their audience in a more effective and flexible manner. With great achievements comes great predicaments, similarly, application development is a hard nut to crack. There are several factors that should be kept in mind before and while creating an application.

Look into the 7 of the most important aspects one should consider before deciding to give mobile applications a shot;

Learning the Layout

Whether you’re designing a website or an application, the key factor that needs to be considered is the plans for the layout and design of the both of them. Before you start to develop your website or application, there is a basic need for understanding the available and suitable themes for your application. Make a draft of how you want your website to look and research about its specifications in relation to the menus, navigation, etc.

You can also create a prototype by applying the themes available in the market in order to check their relevancy. Testing these designs will help you to finalize the most suitable layout for your application.

1.      Weigh your Options

Mobile applications are mainly divided into two types,

  • Hosted Applications
  • Package Applications


Packaged applications distribute all its content to the user’s device whereas Package applications enable the access to the data through a web server. Either of these options have their own benefits and drawbacks, it’ll be better if you examine the aspects of both of these and make the most suitable decision in accordance with your needs.

2.      Friendly to Various Devices

Since the audience’s choice for devices is not in your hands and can vary in concordance with their convenience, opting for a multiple device friendly strategy would be preferable in this scenario. When you are designing for various devices, there are a few factors regarding their specifications that need to be kept in mind and dealt with. Such as resolution and screen-size, the bandwidth of the network, storage facility, and connectivity.

Whenever you are developing for various devices, make sure to analyze their functionality and then design your application knowledgeably and accordingly.

3.      Benefits of Pre-built Templates

While designing an application, it is better to use ready-made layout designs and pieces of coding. Currently, there is a vast variety of tools and programs that will help you get started and will come in handy while giving a boost to the efforts you are making to develop your mobile application.

4.      Gestures and Motion

Given that touch is considered to be the most effective out of the five senses, don’t forget to install gestures, waves, and motions onto your application which will make it easy and entertaining. These additional gestures enhance the user experience of your application. During the process of designing and development of an application, make sure that the developer you have hired has sound knowledge about the integration of gestures (specifically multi-gestures).

Gestures come in abundance, which includes swipe, flick, pinch zoom, drag. While providing this extraordinary experience, your application should be responsive to all these gestures because what worth are all these gestures if your application is sluggish.

5.      Friendly to all the Dialect

The major drawback of many applications is that they are not dialect friendly. Simply put, many applications developer overlook the fact that people speak and understand different languages. Many people are unable to understand English (which is the most commonly used medium for communication). Your application should have the access to the all the dialects globally in order to target a vast audience.

The content of your website or application should be rendered as per the location of the client.

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