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5 Tips On How You Can Plan An Amazing Web Design


Planning for a website is one of the most difficult things. You need to figure out what to include and what not to include on your website and make it look professionally awesome. Web design that showcases your business has to your major goal when thinking about creating a professional website.

Here are some tips on how you can easily create a professionally awesome website.


The most important thing for any business website is to make it user-friendly. By making a user-friendly website, you’re allowing your visitors and potential customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. For that, you need to include an effective navigation system. Go with the standard navigation bar on the left or on the top. Add a search bar as well so that customer can quickly find anything they want.

SEO friendly Web Design

Search engines play a great role in driving customers to your website. So, you need to implement search engine optimization tools in your management process. Search for keywords that best describes your product and services and add them to your content so that search engines rank your site higher and allow potential customers to visit your website first. Ivana Katz explains, “if your website is not properly search engine optimized, then no one will see your website in the first place”.

Create a Plan for your website design

You must create a plan for your website which includes details of all the pages you will add to your website. For example:

  • Homepage
  • Product/services
  • About Us
  • Blogs
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Return/Refund policy
  • Links
  • News etc.

Cross-sell/ Up-sell your products

Offer your customers related product to the ones they are looking for. Or recommend other products when on any product page and let them know about those products.

Make the checkout process as easy as possible for them to complete an order. Provide clear instruction to how they can check-out their purchase. Provide all purchase details and cost details before the customer begins the order process.

Offer Value

Offer your customers with bonuses, discounts, rewards and free trials. Mention the currency value beside each bonus or reward. Your customers will feel good and appreciated. This will increase the value of your product and services.

If you don’t know where to start from, visit other competitor’s websites. Don’t copy any of their content. But grab the idea behind the web design. Your goal is to make a website that turns a visitor into a customer. Provide them premium content. Each and every page should be its mini-site. Let your customers easily figure out what your business offers and provide them external links within your website. These above-mentioned steps aren’t difficult to comprehend and process. If you still don’t know how and where to start, seek the help of professional designers or firms like Web Design solutions Dallas, who can guide you and build you a professional website for your business.

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