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5 ways to Turn Your Web Design Into Lead-Generating Machine


When you’re running a business, your main objective is to generate leads. No leads will result in no sales, and No sales will eventually mean no business. It’s never an easy task. If it was, every website would be a lead-generating machine. The truth is, for every website that is optimized to generate leads, there are thousands of others starving for business. But how can you make your web design an attractive and lead-generating web design?

Here are a few expert tips that can help you to boost conversion rates through your website and grow your business.

Build Your Website With Responsive Design

Your website must look good and fit on all devices. Whether someone views it on their 50” LED TV or on their mobile devices. Each and every page should appear perfectly on any device.

This can be accomplished through responsive design. With a responsive design, your website responds to every browsing environment by adjusting itself according to the device’s screen.

Kevin Kennedy says, “A responsive site means no more pinching and zooming, and no more side scrolling, to see an entire site that doesn’t fit on a mobile screen. And a better user experience reduces bounce rates, boosts website conversions and improves brand perception.

Provide Your Contact Information And Capture Visitors Contact Details

Provide your contact details and business hours on your website so that visitors can contact you if they find your services valuable to them.

When it comes to generating the lead, you need to know visitors details so that you can reach them later. Don’t ask them to fill a 50 field’s form. You only need to know three things from your first contact with your visitors:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Make A Great Offer Visitors Can’t Refuse

Visitors won’t provide you their contact details unless they urgently need your product or services, or you’re offering them some incentives.

In order to generate lead, incentives like EBooks, White papers, and checklists are great incentives when combined with a solid value proposition.

Once you’ve made an offer visitors can’t refuse, make it clear and prominent.

Add Social Proof To Your Website

When a visitor first comes to your website and look at your product and services, they first check the track record of your business. If you don’t provide social proof to your prospects, they wouldn’t want to do business with you.

Provide your prospects with social proof, such as testimonials or customer success stories. These things reflect that other people liked working with your company. Social proof builds trust.

Hire An Experienced Web Design & Marketing Expert

If you don’t have the expertise of making your business into a lead-generating machine. Hire someone who can. There’re a handful of companies who provide both web design and digital marketing services, Web Design Solutions Dallas is one of them.

Web design and digital marketing are the essential parts of a lead-generating business. They work together to achieve a common goal.

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