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Why A/B Web Design Testing is important?

If you’re someone that has been in the digital industry for quite some time, you probably understand how important A/B testing is for everything that matters. A/B Testing allows you to easily keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. Knowing what strategy is right for your business can be tough and A/B testing is probably the best way to tackle that problem. However, it’s weird how one of the most important sections of the digital world gets neglected and isn’t usually A/B tested. Yes, I’m talking about web design.

Web design is easily one of the most important factors on your website and in the digital world. Neglecting web design from you’re A/B test is a big mistake that you might be making and here are some of the many reasons why you should definitely A/B test your Web Design before it goes live on your website.

Better Web Design Perspective

Have you ever been in a situation where you like a design way too much while the others don’t?
Well, that is something all web designers go through as well. Where one web designer would love a flat and simple material design on the website, the other would prefer a complex custom layered design for a specific client and this would create confusions. So, how can you test out which one’s the best pick for you? Well, the answer is A/B testing.

When you A/B test a design, you can vividly see which design is getting better results and conversions from the customers and at the end of the day you understand which design connected better with the audience.

Real-Time Analytics

For every little detail in the digital world, we have one way or another to get real time analytics. For web design, not so much. This is an extremely wrong practice that we’ve been pulling and needs to be stopped. With A/B testing through web design, you can check in real time what’s working for your website and what isn’t. Switch both web designs for a small yet equal period of time and track the conversions that were made. The difference in the analytics will show you just how good your design is and just what its purpose is on your website.

You might not notice just what results that you can pull out from your web-design but you’ll never know until you A/B test them.

All in all, A/B testing plays an important role on the web design. A good Web Design and Development Company always focuses on results with its design which is why the best Web Design agencies
A/B test their designs for providing the client with a product that would benefit the client and his services.

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