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Simple ways to Persuade through Social Media

Would you like to build trust and impact via social media? Wondering how to take advantage of social proof? Social proof lets you influence buyer behavior and feedback to give clients a more bona fide point of view of your business. In this article, you’ll find five approaches to using social proof via social media. […]


What Designers Should Listen to for a Creative Boost

The scenario of a background noise or sound tends to be dark or white. Picture the stock representation of a product architect or web designer. Regardless of who you envision, I’ll bet that they’re wearing headphones. Certainly, a person could wear headphones to drown out the noises of a coffee shop or co-workers. In any […]


Choosing a Web Host for your website

Nowadays you have an awful lot of choices for hosting your site, such a variety that it’s easy to get lost. What amount should you pay? Is support important to you, or would you say you are a tinkerer who likes to do your own thing? A few years back, picking a hosting company was […]


How to Create a Better Mobile Checkout Experience

There’s been a steady development in mobile shopping as individuals are becoming more certain with mobile purchases. For some retail applications, client conversion rates stay low. Customers are transitioning from their PCs to their cell phones and now have a new set of desires. Numerous mobile retail applications are produced without careful consideration of the […]


5 misconceptions about Video Production

In this current era, everyone has a Smartphone. And these Smartphones now comes with stunning video quality and it’s still improving day by day. It has become really easy to shoot, edit and post videos with the help of these Smartphones. As estimated by Video Production firm Dallas, “70 % of mobile traffic will be […]

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4 Methods for Optimizing Your Forms for mobile devices

Mobile device manufacturers are constantly releasing new devices every week with each of them having something unique or advanced features that separate it from its previous models. And every kid or adult on the block is now carrying a mobile device in their pockets which define the need of such technology in our daily lives. […]

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How to optimize landing pages for multichannel marketing

A landing page is a single web page that is built to receive specific visitors from a defined set of target audience. These landing pages are responsible for and used to persuade visitors to heed call for action that will fulfill the marketer’s conversion goals. A common person may think these pages appear to capture […]

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5 Common blunders companies make with social media

In order to bring customers closer to your business, you have to add social media platforms into your marketing strategies. But with more responsibility on the shoulder, many business owners and companies tends to make mistake in their social media strategies. And because social media is a very dangerous medium if you don’t handle it […]

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