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about - July 2018

Top Facebook Updates You need to know about

It’s nothing unexpected that you’re struggling to stay aware of 2018’s arrival of Facebook updates. Consistent with his word, Zuckerberg switched things up so his users are never again barraged by publicizing and rather, have more exposure to meaningful posts by family and companions. The progressions have left organizations and marketers annoyed and confused. What […]


Questions you need to ask before building SEO and Social Media Strategy

Fundamental questions that need to be answered before making up the SEO and Social Media strategy In an excessive number of cases, SEO and social media strategy consultants get lumped into a single gathering: “Those folks who do Google stuff to improve your website.” truth be told, there’s a wide range of different SEO solutions […]


Marketing First’ Strategy for your Business

Growing a business isn’t simple. To start with, you require a viable thought. From that point, you have to make the strategy for your business to discover a profitable niche, characterize a target demographic and have something of significant worth to offer them. Regardless of whether you’re selling items, administrations or data, getting the word […]


Guide for Small Businesses: Digital Marketing 101

Guide for Small Business Getting your item right and perfecting your services takes a lot of time, and it’s no big surprise that Marketing is often neglected. Most entrepreneurs will be entrepreneurs without a background in Marketing and as a result, Guide for small business this topic can appear to be crushing and a total […]

eBay and Amazon

eCommerce Statistics 2017: eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon is delivering remarkable revenue growth, and the organization is very much situated for supported execution going ahead. Notwithstanding, productivity is rare and valuation quite difficult to grasp. eBay and Amazon make solid overall revenues, revenue is accelerating, and the stock looks undervalued. eBay comes path behind Amazon as far as growth prospects. […]


20 Things to know about Jeff Bezos – Founder Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has passed turning point after development this year as the online retailer’s honor has flooded. Toward the finish of July, he turned into the world’s richest person, exceeding opponent Bill Gates. 1. His birth name isn’t Jeff Bezos — it’s Jeffrey Preston Jorgenson. His folks got a separation when he was […]

Youtube followers

Ways to Keep your YouTube Followers Engaged

You might have heard this term quite a bit: Engaging the audience. That implies getting feedback, expanding comments, expanding the value you provide for your viewers– essentially making them eager to observe each video and creating a discussion around them unfailingly. All things considered, how precisely do you do that? Here are a couple of […]


Transition Of Digital Marketing In Past Decade

Imagine you were born in 1910. Through the span of your lifetime, you’d witness the ascent of radio; the rise and power of TV; the introduction of PCs and the web; and even the primary appearance of cell phones. Print, which had been the main mass communication channel for a strong 5 centuries, would transform […]

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