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Avoid Uberization While Deciding the Future of your Website

Avoid Uberization While Deciding the Future of Your Website

Indisputably, the biggest decision one has to make while setting up a shop in the mall of cyberspace is how to and whom to hire for web development and web design? Many make the decision of appointing individuals and not a team, in other words, Uberization. Uber provides its consumers with a cosmic range of […]


Micro-managing can be dangerous: Let the experts handle it

Are you a control freak? Well that could be a good thing, because you should know all the ins and outs of your business. However trying to manage and control everything can sometimes also lead to mistakes. Mistakes that a startup and even a well groomed business cannot afford, and can become the reason for […]


Finding The best Web Development Agency For Startups

If you’re starting a tech business and you don’t have a technical background of IT industry, finding the right partner for your web development and management is a difficult task. More so if you don’t do the research properly. It will take a lot of time and research for you to find the right business […]


3 Misconceptions About Web Development

As a business owner, you might have come across difficulties in your web development projects went downhill, you went over budget, schedule, and became extremely frustrated. The thing is, it wasn’t really your fault (not totally), rather your team’s fault. Still, many CEO’s have serious misconceptions in their web development capabilities. This is a serious […]

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3 reasons why your business needs a custom web development service

With regards to best business practices and the Internet, it’s no more drawn out an issue of whether you require a site, however how to approach making one. An organization without a web presence can’t flourish. Since this has turned into the rule as opposed to the recommendation, many templates have been made accessible for […]


A timeline of a business owner’s web development experiences

It was 1969 when the internet was born, not many people knew the internet back then. Even if they knew, they didn’t know what to do with it. But in 1989, a website was developed or to general revolution was developed. 27 years have passed, and now in 2016, websites have become the focal point […]

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How to maintain your WordPress website

WordPress has played a crucial part in minimizing the difficulties faced in creating a website. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to create your website. BUT, it isn’t all that is required to run your website. You need to maintain it in such a way to ensure that your website runs smoothly. Maintenance acquires […]

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Basic skills of a Web Content Developer

For a successful marketing strategy, it’s necessary to create robust content that not only enables you to reach your goals but also defines your business strategy. To produce a well-crafted content, you need to hire a content developer who has the expertise to give you unique and powerful content. To become a good content developer, […]

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