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Choosing the right Platform for Mobile Application Development


There are many application development platforms that are useful to create mobile applications but there aren’t many coders that understand the logic behind many of these high level languages. Coding or application building can be easy or difficult at the same time but it can easily be the baseline to make a successful business. Many coders move towards mobile application development because it can produce immediate success.
This is where choosing a proper mobile application development software comes into perspective. Millions of mobile application developers are making tremendous efforts to create apps that are unique or innovative that can help or be of some use for its users. Be it web-based mobile application or usual mobile applications, there is so much that a developer can choose from to create his desired application.
According to James frew,” As with all programming endeavors, there is no right or wrong answer. Each language has its own use in the software world and its own benefits. If you are looking to develop for the two major mobile operating systems, then Java and Swift are both great places to start. Learning to code is much like any other skill and will take time. You will make mistakes, but you will poke around and learn from your mistakes and it will make you a better developer. Sometimes just making the language stick in your brain can be difficult. Make sure you take full advantage of all the free resources out there. Most of all though, have fun!”
There is a large variety of mobile application software that are used for mobile application development but a few gives developers a chance to create and choose multiple options and tools without any complications. For a mobile application company, the most important thing in developing an application is the quality and user-friendliness of the application. Picking the right platform for application development can be a “make or break” scenario for developers.
Let’s take a glance into a few of these mobile application development software and figure out which one stands out to be most useful.
HTML 5 is one of the newest and advance web-based mobile application development software. The application development standard of HTML 5 has given developers a simple yet effective way to insert various data-types or rationalize new parameters to input, as well as given support to recreate the browser field to match different screen sizes of mobile devices. HTML 5 has a very ease of manipulating with different tools that it has offered to the developers and it has become very successful for many mobile application agencies worldwide.
Key Features of HTML 5:
• Can be used for web-based applications and webpages.
• Adjust browsing fields for different screen sizes.
• Offine Access contents.
JAVA is an object-oriented programming language that is widely used and has been the most successful mobile application development tool for years. The best part about choosing JAVA is that it can be used for browsers (web-based) or virtual machine (Without browser). Java gives great flexibility to developers which can be useful while giving less complexity and allowing the developer to run the same code on different platforms. Be it on android or web-based mobile application, if you are looking for flexibility and variety in tools than JAVA should be on the top of your Chart.
Key Features of JAVA
• Ease of use
• Flexibility of working on different platforms
• Object oriented
• Debugging: helps in identifying errors and suggestions for correction.
C++ can be labeled as the most versatile object-oriented language, as it has been used to develop applications for almost every platform in programming language. Although a low-level programming language it has been on the top of the pile for developers with wide range of programming skills to offer. C++, not as trendy or fashioned as JAVA or other programming languages but it does have a great history in making mobile applications and its still is doing so.
Key Features of C++
• Efficient in developing user-friendly applications or multimedia software.
• Object-Oriented
• Wide range of function Libraries
• C language integration.

Choosing the Best
A few other mobile application development platforms such as Objective-C or swift can also be picked for mobile development but as far as popularity goes, JAVA comes on top for Mobile application development. All these languages gives us a different set of tools and skills to practice and picking one from these might be very difficult but if you can pick one and work over it then you might be inches away from creating one of the best applications out there.

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