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Choosing A Web Design That Is Lean And Mean For Top Results


Like other trends, web design trends come and goes during the time. Changes in these web design trends are tied with the changing Google technology and rules. Online presence is not the only focus for companies. Other elements like layout, colors, and fonts are also important for your website to achieve results. Many web design services in Dallas are now focusing their strategies on creating engaging websites for their clients that embody everything that is currently on demand and in online design today.

Focusing on The User Experience Web Design

Websites are now becoming more responsive to different formats in which user views the content. Stats show smartphone usage has topped to 60% while the online purchasing is 50%. Which exactly mean that you need a mobile-friendly website. Some website owner prefers to have different websites to accommodate mobile and tablet users. However, as the responsive design adjusts the website to the size of the screen, responsive design focus SEO attention on only one URL, rather than multiple.

To make viewing easy on different screen sizes, you can also use flat design, which focuses on presenting images without drop textures, shadows, and gradients. This flat design allows website to load faster.

Another not as popular as a flat design or responsive web design is a grid layout. A grid layout organizes any thumbnail containing a small amount of text that to a page with extra information once clicked. The effect of this grid layout is that user can skim the page and navigate easily to the desired content.

Focusing On The Content

Today, websites are now more about more visuals, engaging videos, interactive content, and less text. Even though in the past, the content itself was laden with keywords to get search engine’s attention, this has now become a necessity again. Website copy is also crucial for you to get your message across. Your content must be clear and focused on your audience. Although the trend of making long content is gone, that information is now done through articles, blogs, newsletters, videos etc.

The more minimalistic approach you take in your web design, the more it affects the use of flash splash pages and sliders. Take up real estate on the website for different devices without adding value. They slow down the page load, which is inappropriate for mobile users. Flash and sliders are now taken down by HTML5 which has become the standard for providing interactive and dynamic content on all the devices.

Write content that has a local appeal to it. Local search is an important tool to drive traffic. Your website must feature information that is of interest to local area buyers. Round 50% of the mobile users search for businesses, and 20% of these searches include location.

Celine Roque says, “63 percent of adults using their mobile phones to go online and the increasing amount of time people spend on mobile media, there’s little doubt that having mobile-friendly designs directly contributes to readability.”

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