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E-commerce Market and its top trends

The e-commerce market is changing the means of shopping. Every day, massive numbers of people are shifting towards online shopping due to its never ending benefits. But to meet the challenges of the market, and to compete with other e-commerce websites. They need to keep enhancing the shopping experience for the user. Custom E-commerce website development agencies like Creative Dok play along new experiments to improve the efficiency of the websites and making websites more user-friendly.

According to Technavio:

“Global e-commerce market is expected to exceed USD 3.6 trillion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of more than 19%.”

This forecasting could become a reality due to the recent trends in the e-commerce website industry which started by the top custom website development companiesDok. In the next few lines, you will read about those trends and how they are making their impact on this industry.

Switching E-Commerce to mobile apps:

Usage of the smartphone is increasing day by day which makes it the most favorable place to sell your brand. Due to this, many vendors are now showing more interest in developing an e-commerce mobile apps instead of the websites. This trend has been favorable in the developed countries where ordinary citizens have full access to fast internet. Conversely, in many underdeveloped parts of the world like Africa, India and Middle East didn’t show as much success rate as the different part of the world had shown which could become the reason behind the failure of this trend if it fails.

Real Time Bidding:

The trend of real-time bidding is not common but will be in the future because it is showing promising results. It is an online ad serving process in which the marketers, advertising agencies or the media buying houses gets opportunities to trade or advertise their inventory in real time. For the trading purpose, the vendor provides a place to carry out the auction process smoothly. When someone visits the website of the publisher, request sends out to the seller and vendor set the price of the product and then the process of bidding starts.

Bidding or auction is one of the oldest rituals in the trade market and its adaptation by the e-commerce websites is proving lucrative.

Cross Device Marketing:

This trend is not implanting a lot in the market, but many analysts believe this is the future of e-commerce sales. The reason behind is the number of smartphone and tablet devices users preferring to purchase online. According to some reports, 18% of the customers who have seen an add on a smartphone, bought it through the laptop from the same website.

The process of calculating this conversion is complicated; however, many expert digital marketing and custom website development companies like Creative Dok has are solving this complexity with the precise exact-match methods to calculate this conversion. Once this resolves, it will start driving significant growth in the e-commerce market.

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