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Ecommerce Web Designs – What design suits you best?

E-commerce websites are reshaping the trends of shopping since their birth over the World Wide Web. Now the concept of wholesale shopping is dying, and people are more towards buying online products. The competition between eCommerce websites is building up rapidly, and the count of web stores are increasing day by day. Due to this quick transition in the world of eCommerce, it has become a challenge for the custom eCommerce website developers to predict the future of the eCommerce industry and deliver the right product to their clients. Still, companies like Creative Dok are regularly updated with every change in this industry and are providing their customers the perfect products which are ready to be on top. The reason behind our efficiency is that we are aware of the current trends and by taking one step ahead we are providing a seamless shopping experience to the internet world.

Talking about the current trends in eCommerce, we have gathered some tending eCommerce websites designs with the help of our top-notch  website designers to give you the hottest ideas about your next eCommerce website.

Material Design:

Although it is probably one of the most common yet effective website designs, now custom website development companies are also picking this design and altering it to make it eCommerce friendly. The reason behind its success that this design is very vibrant and content focused which is exactly what you need to develop an ideal eCommerce website. Due to alteration in this design, applying this design into eCommerce website is quite a daunting task, but if you have an expert development team, then nothing will be a problem for you.

Hidden Menus:

If you want a website without any clutter of buttons, then this design is perfect for you. It is a variation of old hamburger menu designs which makes your website very open with the perfectly composed negative spaces that do not hit the eyes of the viewer hard and tends them to stay longer which always has been the ultimate goal of every developer. This is the ideal design if your primary target market is the smartphone users as it is very light and works best on mobiles.

Upwardly Responsive:

Having a responsive eCommerce website is an essential requirement of 2016 because there are many devices with many different sizes and your website should work on every screen. Also, a drastic increase has been witnessed in the number of users who browse and shop online on high-resolution devices like TVs. Throughout this current year, many eCommerce websites are going responsive to cater every potential customer regardless of the device he is using your website on.

Rich Animations:

Animations and videos are the best way through which you can connect and engage with your potential customers. Using interactive animations and videos into eCommerce websites brighten up the experience of online shopping and make your website more playable and enjoyable.

Story Telling:

If you want to do something different with your eCommerce website, then storytelling website design is your best option. This design makes your visitors read web content and the stories of your customers with the products you offer.

All in all, the perfect e-commerce web design can do wonders for your business and for that, we’ve got you covered.

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