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The Importance Of Web Design Through Ages


Back in 1991, the first website was built and published. It was considered to a great invention during that time. A static, text-based web design, it showed the potential of what a website can be used for. However, it took additional 10 years to realize that a business could benefit from a website as well. In the start of the 21st century, most small businesses were developing websites. And in between 05 to 10, we saw a huge number of services designed to help small business to go online. And by today, it has become a necessity for every business to have a website.

The Evolution Of Web Design

During the early stages of web designs, most designers would experiment different things and tried all the tools at their disposal. Just to discover what user would respond positively to, a variety of wild design were being made. Black web pages with yellow and pink text, and font so intricate that they looked bad. But overall it was something new and exciting to see. As we moved to the ‘00s, website designs became more fame-based, this opened big opportunities to create websites that can be displayed properly on different browsers and systems.HTML 4.0 was influential in making efforts to build websites that rendered properly on different browsers and platforms. CSS was the deciding factor in both decades, making the web design process really easier.

Web Design And Seo

When search engines like Google and Bing came into the rise, business websites were provided a great opportunity to reach out to more prospects than ever before. Although these websites had to be specifically designed for any success in the current online market. Three things in a website played an important part in SEO (search engine optimization) and let businesses achieve top result rankings in these search engines:

  • Mobile Friendliness: Search Engines, such as Google prefers mobile-friendly websites more. Google test and lowers the ranking of those sites which are not fully functional on mobile. Mobile compatibility is important not only for the ranking but also for driving traffic to your business.
  • Valuable, Unique Content: A website that has valuable and unique content are rewarded by search engines. And if the content is duplicate or copied, the website is penalized. With a fresh stream of unique content on your website, users are likely to return to your site time and time again.
  • Fast Page Load: It’s a known fact that if a site takes too much time to load, people will abandon the page and go to a different website. If your website’s page doesn’t load within three seconds, people will leave your website instantly.

Keeping Up With The Web Design Trend

Web design is evolving rapidly, and it won’t slow down anytime soon. It has become really difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest technologies, practices, and trends. There are web design services like Web Design Solutions Dallas who are experts in helping clients develop and maintain websites that are ranking optimized, which is the most important thing for businesses currently.

Eddy Isenberg says, “Web design is not only tied into advancements in technology but also, design style changes that are influenced by fashion, architecture, and external design trends. The days of building a website with a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality are through.

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