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Why Magento is the best E-Commerce platform available

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E- Commerce platform has become the multiverse of online businesses. With large corporations and retail store making their presence felt in the online market by establishing online web stores to accumulate their customers globally.

In that essence, they must acquire tools or software’s that can let them create an online store which is not only eye-catching to customers but the user experience comes as the major perk in bringing customers back to the website.

While there are many E-Commerce platforms that are labeled the best for many reasons, Magento has garnered more votes to be regarded as the most simple and user-friendly platform. And I have to agree on that to be honest, because of the fact that I have work on other CMS including OpenCart and Magento and I believe Magento stands out from the rest. As stated by Alin Martin, “The simple answer is that no other e-commerce system except Magento will offer you with the same depth of rich features and powerful inbuilt functionalities”.

Here are my reasons to why Magento is the best E-Commerce platform.

  1. Customization: With 3 different types of editions 1)Enterprise Edition, 2)community Edition, and Magento Go, Magento has really come up with great custom platforms for different types of organizations to work with, which makes
  2. Features: Magento has provided its user a variety of tools-rich features that enables them to keep track of their website’s performance and real-time information through the admin panel. With SEO, marketing and inventory features to play with, users can take full control of their websites.
  3. Extensions: Magento allows you to integrate extensions into your websites. Magento has offered over thousands of extensions to users to add to their sites.
  4. Payments: Magento allows you to incorporate different payment methods into your website. This facilitates your customers with easy payment solutions using different payment gateways.
  5. SEO friendly: Magento has optimized its platform through SEO tools which help users to easily pave their product information to their customers with Meta keywords, Meta tags, Html support, and URLs.
  6. Database: The database manager allows you to manage and keep track of your customer’s information, transactions, and their cart history.
  7. Security: Magento allows users to secure their websites with https protocols and password protection tool.


Magento has been and still is the first pick of clients for E-Commerce solution without a doubt and with its scalable growth, it will continue to be the preferred one.

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