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Magento vs. Shopify – Which Ecommerce Portal is the best choice?


For any store working full time, having presence on the internet has become necessary. There’s no denying the fact that the audience on the internet can boost your sales up a notch. In fact, with effective digital marketing services, you can even get sales solely from your e-store. However, choosing an ecommerce platform is very important when it comes to business.

E-commerce is a very different industry as compared to all the others currently in the market. For creating a modern e-store online you need to make sure you are always on top with your features, add-ons and services. For that, you need to make sure the platform that you choose is the right one. Most laymen don’t have any idea about Magento Development or Shopify which are currently the two best options. Well, here’s us giving you a small breakdown on which one is better.

Ease of Usage

Ease of usage is very important when it comes to choosing an E-Commerce platform. In fact, when it comes to laymen ease of usage is what matters the most. Shopify is pretty much the winner when it comes to ease of usage as it comes complete with a set of wizards that provide you complete assistance from setting up the e-store to your last order.

However, Shopify charges for all these services while Magento an open source free service that is available to you at all times for free. You might have to pay for Magento development services and also web hosting for ecommerce but those charges come in competition with Shopify. In fact, with hundreds of features and ease of usage, Magento ecommerce development goes toe to toe with Shopify.


This is another area that needs to be administered properly. Pricing is important since you need to make sure you’re always on top of what you do and pricing is something that may cause a financial conflict. Magento turns out to be pretty economical as you only get charged for hosting. When it comes to Shopify, you get charged monthly for your e-store and also for each transaction made.

According to Matt Geirut from Usability Geek, “At the end of the day, Magento and Shopify are very similar products – they provide businesses with platforms with which to lay the foundation of their online commerce. Even so, the experience offered by Magento is very different from the experience offered by Shopify. I am not talking about the end-user experience; I am talking about the backend user experience. It is almost as critical, to ensure that your clients’ day-to-day experience is excellent, as it is to ensure that their client’s experience is excellent.”

This is the next big defeat from Magento to Shopify, clearing out the fact that Magento web development is perhaps the best development service in the market right now. If you’re on the verge of creating a new ecommerce portal, going with Shopify would be the perfect decision.

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