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How to make your website design more mobile-friendly


Today, most website owners focus on making their website design compatible with mobile devices. My argument to that is, why they don’t design the website to be compatible with all the devices, from a tiny smartphone to a large 50” smart TV.

Reaching to and satisfying your customers is the key to success for any business website. And to that, your website must be compatible enough to appear in any form of device your customer possess.

According to, “digital connectivity for your website is now more important than ever and will continue to be so in the future. However, it doesn’t have to be daunting. Don’t look at creating a mobile-friendly site as a challenge—see it as the opportunity it is for your business”.

So, how can you achieve that? Well, there are two basics strategies for building a device-friendly website that can fit on any device: responsive and adaptive.

However, here I’m going to provide you simple explanation on how you can rebuild your website for optimal display on a different device (not all).

Simplify your website design by making changes like simpler page designs, use large fonts and buttons. Place critical information on the top. You will go a long way if you simply put your business contact information at the top corner of your website’s homepage.

Another thing you need to do is create a mobile version of your website so that you can target your mobile audience as well.

Now let’s discuss on how you can rebuild your site to be compatible with any device;

Adaptive Design

Adaptive design is basically the higher end of a site design which detects and identifies the user’s device and matches the page to that device’s specifications. Many large organizations use this design to reach out to a much larger audience.

Responsive Design

On the other hand, a responsive design uses a unique technology (CSS) that auto-adjusts itself properly all the devices available today . Many DIY platforms like WordPress are starting to use responsive designs that work on all devices.

There are different designers and firms that are implementing responsive design in their Mobile web design strategies. Web Design Services Dallas is one of the many firms who is integrating this strategy into their client’s websites.

Unless your designer doesn’t know the term responsive, go for a different designer or firm.

Web Design is the key

Once you get everything right, start creating great content for your website design that can turn your customer’s attention towards your business.

People visit your website either to save time, waste it, or connect with you and that is what you want, “clients”. So provide them easy and quick access to your website, and I’m sure that your website will be future-proof.

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