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What makes Creative Dok better than other web design agencies

Some people are born with an incredible mind and skills while some achieve it with peer passion and struggle that take them to stand in the same line where nature’s gifted ones stand. Creative Dok is home to both types of people. To give our clients an in-depth analysis of our efficiency and productivity, I decided to write this blog targeting the qualities and the secrets that make us the most creative web design agency in the market and why we are the most reliable web company you can get?


If someone is designing for himself, he will try to design the best artwork he could ever design. But at Creative Dok, our designers and developers own the project of our clients and give them the result that would satisfy not only the client but also themselves. To achieve the best result, we first understand our clients’ user’s behaviors, tolerances, preferences and sometimes their moods to provide our clients the same product as their customers want.

Don’t let them wander around:

A well-designed website never loses its visitors. One of the primary reasons behind the high bounce rate of websites is a flat designed interface. Because a visitor never puts much effort in finding the bugs. He or she merely closes your website and opens another one. For this, Creative Dok a creative design and development agency that creates highlighted essential pages on the homepage to get as low bounce rate as possible.


According to Hick’s Law;

“The number of options available to a person increases the time required to read a decision.”

One of the most efficient strategies that Creative Dok use to get conversions is to offer enough options to the visitor that only satisfies the needs of the visitors without overburdening them. For example, drop-down menus where you would find more sub-menus of different options make the clusters of buttons which ultimately confuse the visitor.

UI Patterns:

Implementing a similar UI patterns throughout the pages of the website is also a very effective strategy. It helps users to familiarize with the systems without explaining them in any form. For example, gathering items that function in the same way is an excellent method to suggest that they all will work in the same pattern.

Shorten The Designer’s Ego:

Our creative web designers keep their taste and preferences aside while working on any project. As I’ve mentioned above, before starting work on any project we try to understand the nature of our client’s customers which is why we’re always able to provide them with the perfect results.

Final Words:

The successful projects of Creative Dok are the proof of our dominance in the website development industry and our efforts along with our passion towards web designing and development will maintain our top position in this industry.

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