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Marketing Creatively – Marketing your brand with explainer videos and more

Without marketing, your product is invisible to consumers. Marketing your brand in an efficient manner is a necessary thing to present your brand or product to the masses in a tempting manner that forces masses to use your product or service. Just like it has great importance, you need high amount too to market your brand. Luckily there are many options that you can choose, and some of them are not as expensive as the old traditional ones are. By old I mean TV and print marketing where you have to pay a hefty amount of money to print or telecast your ads without targeting.

Just like technology is continuously providing us solutions for almost everything, the internet is also busy solving this issue. Now with digital marketing, you have the liberty to reach out to the masses of the sector and behavior you want with full analysis of your efforts. For that purpose, Creative Dok is a responsible, creative digital marketing agency that knows how to use social media platforms and search engines to build traffic for your web store or to promote your brand exactly among your potential customers. In this article, I am going to brief all the beginners who don’t have any idea about digital marketing tools and how they can be used to market their brands with better efficiency than traditional means of marketing.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media websites are the best way to reach out maximum people without expanding much. It gives you a chance to place your brand in the newsfeed of your targeted audience on Facebook or make a trending topic on Twitter or even post images on Instagram without expanding a lot as compared to other traditional marketing strategies. You can also get your videos made from Creative Dok which also serves as a creative animated explainer video agency and has the right people to make great explainer videos for your brand.


Search engine optimization is the best way to generate organic traffic for your website. It is more useful if your business is on the internet as compared to have any physical presence. It is a process through which experienced and creative search engine optimizers from Creative Dok rank your website on top of the Google or any other search engine result page when you search a particular keyword. That means if someone needs the product that you offer and writes it in the search engine bar then that person will find your website on top of the SERPS and can, later on, act as a conversion.


Pay per click or also known as cost per click is a process that directs traffic towards your website; however, it is a paid Google campaign that requires a specific amount according to your advertising goal. It is the fastest way to attract traffic to your website. Keep in mind that Google campaigns require a bigger budget than other mediums but ultimately provides you a better result as well.


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