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Mobile Advertising Growing World Wide

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertisement is the new driver in the field of digital advertisement, according to forecast figures released by media measurement company Zenith. Worldwide, spending on Mobile Advertisement is expected to grow up to $27 billion, or 34 percent, to $107 billion in the year 2017. Zenith considers mobile advertising to be all kind of advertisements (Text, Video, and Images) delivered to users on mobiles and tablets.
More gains come from users when they access the web via their phones. Doubtlessly, smartphones are the main drivers of all the web traffic.

Estimated global ad
Whereas desktops (non-mobile) advertising is expected to drop to $2.9 billion, or 3 percent, to $96 billion. Newspaper ad spending is expected to witness the worst decline of all other mediums, down to $4.3 billion in 2017.
It is expected that global ads revenue to grow 4 percent this year, reaching $558 billion by year-end.

Social media in-feed ads, online display ads, online video and other digital formats, are the leading formats of the digital ads.

Global Ad Spending
Internet ad spending has been growing rapidly over the past few years. By 2019, mobile spending will reach $156 billion which will account for 62.5 percent of internet expenditure and 26.4 percent of overall expenditure, according to Zenith. That is even more than all the traditional media, except television, combined.

Global Internet Ads

By far, internet ad spending has witnessed a rapid rise. Zenith expects it to make up 42 percent of global ad spending by 2019 — means that it has reached from nothing to almost half in barely 20 years of timespan.
In 1990s, TV and newspaper ad spending were leading the industry but since then, credits to the rise of the internet and web advertising, ad sales by newspaper and TV commercials have been stagnated.

It is impossible to neglect the importance of mobile advertisement in the year 2018 and negligence to it today or further will simply put you out of the picture. Learn about it today and help your business grow with the growing industry of advertisement. Get in touch with us for consultancy and let’s discuss your digital ads strategy.

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