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6 Reasons why Mobile Applications Fail

Why Mobile Applications Fail

Mobile Applications are the ultimate source of a company’s convenience to accommodate its clients with the best experience they have ever come across. There are a million applications in AppStore and the availability of these applications assist you to work throughout the day as easily as possible.

A research carried out by Statista shows that there are approximately 1.5 million to 2 million apps on AppStore, whereas, on Google play, an increase of 0.4 million applications has been recorded. A person chooses to see the plus points of the tech world along with its improvements that have been made and are still being made but what also goes side by side with these plus points are the negative factors with which these mobile applications come into the store.

It’s clearly obvious that the number of applications downloaded in your mobile phone aren’t all in your use. Check out these six reasons that often occur in mobile applications which are unfavorable for the targeted audience:

1. Forgets to make the necessary research

The inventors of all the mobile applications make sure that they do not invent such an application which turns out to be too problematic for the customers or users. Every developer validates the needs and mentalities of the targeted customers and thus, creates an app which is user-friendly. This means that your scheme for a particular audience should be well-defined and it should provide such tactics that would help in enhancing the development.

2. Easy to execute development approach

Modifying the web version of a mobile application to fit the cellphone screen is the main drawback in app development of cellphones. There are a lot of factors that you should bear in mind for generating a difference between mobile version and the web version like partial efficiency, customization, and display adjustments, though they might seem small but are quite significant.

3. Create an App without prototyping

A measure is not usually taken in order to prevent an application from falling into the category of 78% of applications that have failed to gain the attention of the customers as it was designed to do. A prototype of the application should be made before making it available for the public. It can incredibly useful for comprehending the functionality and for noticing the mandatory changes in the initial stages of the development of an application.

4. Lacking awareness regarding your app

Marketing is an essential element irrespective of the activity as well as the service type you proffer. Your fundamental goal is to make sure that your customer understands the basic necessity of your application and how is it going to solve his problem. Many customers are unable to get fascinated from the applications available in the store. Their high expectations does not take more than a minute to turn into disappointments due to failure of the apps.

5. Give your app a small operational scale

It is a developers’ job to make such apps that would be of more facility and ease for their customers. Give your customers social links so that you may not waste your time in swapping among the apps while waiting for the apps to load. You need to pay attention towards the pace of your data and make sure that its speed increases to the extent that it becomes convenient for the users to use the apps in an efficient manner.

6. Restrict your functions

It is visibly mentioned above that mobile apps have an absolutely unusual approach when it comes to the limitations and effortlessness. Accordingly, the most crucial obligation is to restrict the functions of your app to the extent that it does not fail to function properly and with which, the users can easily communicate with other people. Many apps disappoint in the quality of being mobile which is the strategic requirement that a user finds in its smartphones applications.

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