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The Secret of a good promotion: What sells

The Secret of a good promotion: What sells

The blue prints for any marketing campaign are essentially the four P’s; Product, Price, Promotion and Place. All four are very important in order to insure a successful and fruitful marketing strategy. However, one of the four P’s stands out more than the others. Promotion, is the key behind any product, it can either make or break it.

A good promotion campaign, is one that shines the company name all over the goods being marketed. There are many things to consider when crafting a good 360 marketing campaign, here are some secrets to help your company reach all of its goals.


What looks good sells. We, humans are highly dependent on appearance. We judge products and goods through our eyes, if it looks appealing the deal is sealed. All of the rest comes later. If something doesn’t appeal, people will not even consider it.

Here is when creativity comes to life. It all starts from the logo, if your logo doesn’t look attractive chances are it won’t be enough for potential clients to conduct the purchase. A logo is the face of the company and the product, it needs to be on point, different, simple, easily recallable and appealing to look at.

Okay, so you have the logo sorted out, what next? The company’s portfolio. Before conducting purchases, either online or in a retail setting. People usually read up on what they are intending to get. The company website is the gate way too all information people are looking for, in other words it is the portfolio.

The website needs to be creative, edgy, and graphic, updated yet remain light to insure faster loading time, so the on goers don’t get tired of waiting on the website to open.

Consistent Promotion

Ad campaigning’s can be tricky, they need to provide accurate and relevant information throughout all mediums. Passing on the same message yet changing the appearance and formatting throughout the tools employed is a key approach to a fruitful campaign.

Creative Dok, is a digital creative agency. They focus on majorly the most important of the four P’s that is promotion. Concrete solutions on making creative and engaging adverts, as well as maintaining the face of the company, which is the website and designing of a unique, eye catching logo.

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