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How to make your website design more mobile-friendly

Today, most website owners focus on making their website design compatible with mobile devices. My argument to that is, why they don’t design the website to be compatible with all the devices, from a tiny smartphone to a large 50” smart TV. Reaching to and satisfying your customers is the key to success for any […]


Finding The best Web Development Agency For Startups

If you’re starting a tech business and you don’t have a technical background of IT industry, finding the right partner for your web development and management is a difficult task. More so if you don’t do the research properly. It will take a lot of time and research for you to find the right business […]


3 Misconceptions About Web Development

As a business owner, you might have come across difficulties in your web development projects went downhill, you went over budget, schedule, and became extremely frustrated. The thing is, it wasn’t really your fault (not totally), rather your team’s fault. Still, many CEO’s have serious misconceptions in their web development capabilities. This is a serious […]


Guide to Boosting Small Business Web Design Projects

To a freelance designer, a small business can be the most valuable customers. They usually require repeat work and can opt for a single designer if needed. So, I’m going to share a few tips on how you can work on small business design projects. It’s absolutely vital for you to look after your project, […]

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4 Methods for Optimizing Your Forms for mobile devices

Mobile device manufacturers are constantly releasing new devices every week with each of them having something unique or advanced features that separate it from its previous models. And every kid or adult on the block is now carrying a mobile device in their pockets which define the need of such technology in our daily lives. […]


A timeline of a business owner’s web development experiences

It was 1969 when the internet was born, not many people knew the internet back then. Even if they knew, they didn’t know what to do with it. But in 1989, a website was developed or to general revolution was developed. 27 years have passed, and now in 2016, websites have become the focal point […]

Basic skills of a Web Content Developer

For a successful marketing strategy, it’s necessary to create robust content that not only enables you to reach your goals but also defines your business strategy. To produce a well-crafted content, you need to hire a content developer who has the expertise to give you unique and powerful content. To become a good content developer, […]


Why Clear and Concise Web Design is Important

Have you ever visited a website and wondered where the page you were looking for actually was? Well, that must have been frustrating, right? Exactly! Now think about how a customer might feel when he visits your website and can’t find a certain product. Let me be the first one to tell you the answer […]