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Some useful optimization tips for your OpenCart E-Commerce website

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To setup an online store, OpenCart has become one of the most recommended E-Commerce platforms that are used by online retailers and merchants. OpenCart is a PHP based platform that provides its users with open source solutions while allowing them to download and integrate additional features to optimize their E-Commerce stores.

OpenCart can be a great startup platform for beginners or who for those who just started out to try their hands in the online retailing business. In Dallas, Many OpenCart retailers have successfully launched their online ventures and now are doing business in many parts of America.

OpenCart has rapidly become a widespread phenomenon and is now it’s being customized according to needs of small and large scale industries. While there are many essential E-commerce tips that can come in handy to you when optimizing your web store, I’m going to mention a few important ones in a precise manner for everyone’s understanding.

Optimizing your Site’s URL structure

If you want to improve your site’s ranking, your website must have an identifiable URL which is easy for users. Keeping the default URL can sabotage your efforts to improve your ranking in the search engine’s perspective. OpenCart provides some really good plug-ins(OpenCart SEO Pack) for you to install that you can use to find better SEO keywords.

Adding Google Analytics to keep track of your site’s traffic data

Google Analytics is free for users, and it consists of powerful metrics and reporting tools that will keep track of your websites performance. You can easily generate valuable insights of the traffic inflow of your site. It’s a great tool to improve your site’s ranking position by getting updates about potential keywords and key-phrases that are in trend.

Improving your site’s presence over social network

Social media marketing or SMM is a great way for improving your site’s ranking. Using Facebook, Twitter or other social network site’s to share your links can improve your performance over search engines because search engine bots great in indexing links faster.

Add only useful extensions

Extensions can be great for your site’s performance, but adding too many of them can decrease your site’s performance as well. Add only those extensions that are required for your site and download third-party plug-ins from trusted areas only like OpenCart Extension Library.

Optimizing all pages of your website

Using information like Meta keywords, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Titles for your site can make search engines work faster and easier. Search engine bots will use this information to identify and index each page of your website. Some key points to note here are; the title tags must be of 70 characters, while Meta descriptions 150-160 characters. You can use “Google keyword tool” to research proper keywords.

OpenCart is on the verge of becoming the standpoint of online business platforms. And using proper Optimization extensions and techniques in OpenCart can give you success in the digital race.

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