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Top 4 Tools for Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development Tools

The major factor that is considered while developing a mobile application is the gigantic hole in the pocket of the consumer. Owing to the ever-evolving world of technology, such tools have been introduced which neither deprive the people off of their money nor are in anyway inferior to other costly mobile app developments platforms, check out these top 5 application development tools.


It reprocesses the logic layers of a business and gives access to the data all across the platforms. It comes in handy when you need to put in place a large amount of regional data, disconnected mode, and image identification. It is developed on C# programming language Xamarin uses .NET common substructure and is used to build mobile applications specifically for iOs, Android and Windows platforms. It gives the application developers an opportunity to choose from a colossal variety of free as well as paid components.

It opens doors to user-interface controls, third-party services, and shared platforms libraries. It allows the developer to incorporate with the services of Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, and others. Since it has been awarded many times, Xamarin is considered as the king of shared platform application development companies.


PhoneGap was awarded a great applaud at the Web 2.0 Exhibit in the Launchpad event in the year of 2009. It has a FOSS environment which allows the application developers to be able to create apps which are supported by Android, iOs, Blackberry, Palm, and Symbian. PhoneGap uses basic programming languages such as JavaScript and HTML while developing an application.

It caters the developers with the ease of operating with the hardware present in their devices such as GPS/location, Camera, Sound, etc. It proffers an Adobe AIR application, it also gives the application developers online courses and tutorials to access the different and complex APIs in order to