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Some Useful Tips for Small Business Web Design


Many new entrants begin their business ventures with high hopes of expanding their business and reach more prospective clients. In order to accomplish that, it’s a fact that they need to launch a website to achieve anything like success. They need to implement a web design that can carry their identity and value concurrently. Every month thousands of people search for instructions on how to create a professional website. I can’t say I blame them – money can be tight when you are starting your own business.

Having a website for your business not only gives you credibility, it also helps your business to work in an efficient way. Your website can open doors for local and globe customers. It must be available 24/7 so that people don’t have to face problems with your website.

But many businesses tend to make mistakes when designing a website. Some of these mistakes includes:

  • Poorly created web design and layout, creating difficulties for visitors to navigate the website.
  • Less content on product and services, like pricing and short product description.
  • Unable to prove credibility
  • Not doing SEO of your website
  • Assuming visitors will buy from the website on their first visit.

So how you can build a successful web design?

  • Your first priority has to be that you need to create a user-friendly website.
  • Make your website search-engine friendly by doing the SEO (include keywords and key-phrases that best describes your services and products)
  • Implement cross-sell and up-sell strategy to your content. Offer your customers related products on each product page they visit.
  • Add easy checkout process to facilitate your customers with easy purchasing (shopping cart for e-commerce websites).
  • Use unique headline and sub-headlines to grab customer’s attention.

How can you prove your credibility?

Your website has to be professionally designed so that the customer doesn’t feel lost and confused. It should be clean, readable and easy to navigate. Provide testimonials from existing customers to your potential customers. Prove them that you’re trustworthy and reliable in your services.

Make an “about Us” page and let your customers know about you and your objectives and how you can facilitate them in the best possible way.

Provide easy navigation like search bars, so that the customer don’t have to go over thousands of pages to find what they want.

Now, how can you drive traffic to your website?

There are so many ways to promote your business and website, when on a limited budget. You can:

  • Let your customers know about your new website. If you don’t have them, then invite them through an e-mail and let them know about it.
  • Add SEO and SMM to your marketing strategies. Let Google and other search engines know about your website. Create social media accounts on different platforms and let your potential customers see you first hand. Ivana Katz Explains, “every month thousands of people search for the keyphrase “Best Website Design”. My guess is those using these keywords are trying to find the best look for their website”.
  • Write blogs about your products and services, to let your customers know how the product is the best in terms of quality and value.
  • Keep your website updated, and give your customers all the in-fashion and trendy products and services.

All this can be achieved if your website is professionally built. Hire a web designer if you’re not sure where to start from. Web Design Solutions Dallas is a great option for your website designing and development.

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