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Web designing software that doesn’t require any expertise

We are living in a digitally advance world where everything has become online. We shop online, we sell online, we publish news online, watch TV online, heck we can now even design webs online. Yes we can!

No need to go and buy video tutorial CD’s on how to learn web designing or buying web designing Software’s and waste a lot of money. No need to do that.

There are 2 Web Designing websites that can help you create websites without any programming or coding required.

What you need is only to visit or and you are good to go.

According to Jeremy Wong, “You can build your entire website online nowadays.  There’s no need to install anything anymore. Just log into the web design software (like Gmail) and you’re ready to start. Anyone can do this – even if you’re not computer savvy. If you can drag things around your screen with your mouse, you can build websites with web design software. They’ve made it easy (and code free), that even a grandma can do it”.

Wix has a vast category of industrial designs that you can choose to create your desired website. Choose a template design and then edit the whole interface to your liking, with simple drag and drop feature, layer scaling and multiple media format support makes your site even better. Wix constantly updates their designs and features to further enhance user’s experience.

Weeby is another online web designing site which is not on the same level as Wix. The reason is Weeby being relatively new to this category.

Weeby has a really good collection of template that users can choose from and its features are similar to what Wix has been offering. Though, Weeby has a long way to go in terms of providing quality experience to user when they are on the site.

So why should we go for these sites

  • All these sites are easy to use, with just simple click, drag and drop (Texts, pictures, and videos), you can edit and create a meaningful webpage.
  • These sites offer professionally designed backgrounds and templates with absolutely no or minimal charging.
  • And giving you 24/7 technical support service to help you out in any way possible.

With these amazing site, it has given people with no programming or coding experience a great chance to show their creativity but it’s not the best way of web designing when we talk about complexity and productivity.

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