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What Interface Startup Programs Websites should have?

In this tech-savvy era, entrepreneurs are using the digital world to launch new, exciting and unique startups. Entrepreneurs know that every startup needs a website for even those who does not sell their services or products online, for them, a website can serve as their company’s location. For meeting the creativity of any innovative startup idea, Creative Dok is the perfect and creative web design and development agency where we strive till producing the best for our clients so they can boost up their startup from the strong digital platform. These websites are special and ones of its kind that’s why its interface should be unique that can build the brand’s personality according to owner’s desires. Creative Dok also makes sure to design a website that could also indulge with the current web design trends so it would not look like a newbie against the Pioneers.

These are some of the characteristics that a website for startup programs should have to make their brand image in the market and to compete with the big fishes for their survival.

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Just like any shopper likes to get his desired goods in front of him whenever he visits any shop, website visitors also possess the same tendency. This is not only a start-up specific method but having it in your start up website makes it look like a website of a professional company. This is one of the reasons why Creative Dok among the digital design and development companies have a distinguished name because they develop websites that build the image of their clients as professionals even if it is a startup.

According to a blog “Fixed Navigation Bars: Pros and Cons” at

“This is important for several reasons, but chief among them is speed.”

Because users get everything in front of them, and it saves them from loading different pages, the site owner never needs to worry about his users leaving website due to confusion or immobility.


It is better to have the large buttons instead of the miniature type especially when your target market is smartphone users. Now because of the touch screen devices, scrolling is a lot easier so by taking advantage from this, placing large buttons on the interface of your website is an intelligent idea. This scrolling feature allows the visitors to take information at their speed, see graphic images or to stop for a while to do some other stuff while having your website open on the screen.


Icons allow you to convey more information using less space. Icons help to remove the clutter of text that needs to be placed on the website. These icons also help to make your website more understandable for those who does not understand the language of the website. Also for the designing perspective, icons make a vibrant interface and give it a lively look.


There is not a hard and fast rule to follow the listed methods only for designing a website for the startups. Creativity has no limits and we, at Creative Dok designs websites with out of the box concepts so they can meet the challenges that every startup face during its initial times.

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