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Fueled By Passion

Creative Dok is a safe, simple and smart way to connect with a handpicked team of
the finest designers and developers to get your work done professionally..

“Creative Dok aims to create an experience of digital services which you’ll not
only enjoy but also cherish and value.”


Creative Dok is a digital creative agency based in Dallas, TX, USA. We’re a cross-disciplinary team of designers, developers and creative technologists that provide elegant, cost-effective digital services to an
international client base. We specialize in innovative, strategy-inspired web development proudly driven by our collaborative and transparent client relationships.


We craft meaningful brands through identity, print and digital experiences for small businesses all over the world. Creative Dok was founded on the idea of getting back to basics working with a handful of talented people and keeping things honest, focused and thoughtful. We’re inspired by the passion in our clients and we truly care about seeing them succeed.


We exist to create things that promote growth and enrich lives in organizations and communities. Creative Dok is a resourceful graphic design agency that has come together with the finest designers and developers combined with the latest technology to create a platform that specializes in web design and much more!

Our Core Values

we strive to exhibit our core company values every day

Make It Better

There’s always room for improvement

This value remains continuous in our thoughts, a defined intention across all touch points of our organization. The carrot that drives our decision-making and, ultimately, our end product, this objective also waxes personal, stoking our internal flames. Because each one of us accepted the open-ended challenge to keep climbing the ladder to greatness.

Keep it Real

People are people

And that’s how we treat them, regardless of rank or association. Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty - the three pillars of our every interaction with colleagues and clients. Bonus: work, and life in general, will become easier and more productive.

Never Stop Learning

Challenge yourself

As children, we were force-fed education, but as we age, our academic interactions are less frequent. Unless you seek them out. We encourage our team to learn: to pursue their passions, listen to one another, and access new knowledge at conferences, the library, on blogs, and via other hands-on means. Oh, and to ask more questions

Creative Dok

Work to Live

Life comes first

Work is only one piece in the personal pie chart of life, and we aim to keep it that way. Since we are only as strong as our people, we encourage them to work hard, play hard, and rest hard. Whenever possible, we help cultivate their passions. And we consider their interests and strengths when we take on jobs. After all, if you love what you do it’s never really work.

Quality over Quantity

Less is more

Mental energy is a depletable bandwidth, so we concentrate our time and talent on fewer projects/clients. A greater investment on our part, but we’re not running a creative services puppy mill. Plus, prioritizing quality over quantity supports our other core values.

Keep it Simple

Because it is simple

Our practices and solutions are simple, because simple = clear = understandable and executable. We apply this concept to every aspect of the business, from our office space to the services we offer. We also subscribe to the strength of simplicity when we design and write code.


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