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Why a simple app design can revolutionize ROI


Do you like things done simply? Well, I sure do. In fact, people all around the world love to do things simply. Complexity is always cruel to the mind when it comes to app design. It is perhaps the one reason why your app users deviate from your application and move on to your competitors. There are tons of other reasons as well as to why your users tend to move away from you and on to your competitors. However, those reasons are secondary, and this stands primarily.

App Layout is Important

What’s the first thing that you look over to in an app you’ve just downloaded? That’s right! The layout. The layout tends to be somehow the most important part of the app design process. This is basically what drives us to use a function and create a user experience that can replicate no other. However, if the user experience is something that you’ve bailed on, this can’t be done.

What you need to do is create a layout that’s simple, attractive and to the point. Material design is a great example for Android developers. For iOS, you have a lot of room for performance and pretty much everything else. Naturally, most designers tend to create excellent app layouts for iOS with fancy transitions and whatnot. However, when this screws with user experience, it is a waste of time. This is one of the many reasons why most designers and developers today focus on creating results with simple app design and not fancy retrospectives.

Rise in ROI

One thing that majority of app designers and developers need to keep in mind is that ROI doesn’t come over magically. It takes hard work over customer profiling and needs results that really do count. What you need to keep in mind is that ROI is directly proportional to great UI/UX.

According to an article by Moon Technolabs, “Effective User Experience design into the app development is must in engaging the end considering the emotional or transactional response. The major motive of apps is to fulfill key business objectives for generating revenues, traffic, brand building, and reputation. In order to achieve the commercial goals, User Experience design requires detailed qualitative feedback to stimulate the emotional response.”

All in all, effective user-oriented app design wins the race every day. That definitely is the best-case scenario for you and your application to prosper. Creating a simple app design isn’t hard enough, keep your mind on your layout and evaluate customer experience to create results that your customers love.

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