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5 reasons why your ecommerce should be on Google Shopping

eCommerce development

Google shopping since 2012 has been a great tool for the digital marketing industry. It has been toast for them for all the good reasons. Google shopping is now a go-to channel when it comes to advertising an eCommerce store. One of the top reasons that belong to the meteoric rise in the use of Google shopping is the ease of use and long-standing benefits.

If you’re running an eCommerce store, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using Google shopping ads.

Let’s take a look into 5 reasons why it is a vital subject to use Google shopping platform for B2B eCommerce development.


Higher ROI (Return on Investment)

Google shopping has turned out to be a platform where eCommerce business owners can reap more with fewer seeds. It’s not just about the quantity of traffic that helps, but also the quality of traffic which helps in achieving greater results.

Google shopping ads is a pay-per-click model of advertisement which means you pay for the clicks you receive on your ads. Google shopping ads improve your CTR and decrease your CPC, which ensures a high return on investment.

It is not just a single factor that results in a high return on investment, but many factors collectively contribute to furnishing a higher ROI. These factors are ease of use, no-keywords searching, greater reach, and many more.

According to the data analysis, Google shopping ads have 2 times higher CTR than other ad platforms and CPC is also 50% lower.


Greater Reach

Google has multi-billion searches every day on its platform which means many of them to belong to your target market as well. Even with a few thousand daily searches on your target market can result in great benefits for you.

Google shopping ads appear higher than the organic search results which means ads have the chance to attract more traffic than organic results.

The great quantity of audience coupled with the great quality of the audience can provide you top-level results. So, it is because of the great reach that your eCommerce store should be on Google shopping. This is why every B2B eCommerce development agency recommends the use of Google shopping.

The numbers related to ad clicks are staggering as well. Out of all the clicks on Google by the end of 2018, about 60% of them were on Google ads so you can imagine the chances of a win-win situation for your marketing.


Ease of use

Google shopping works in a very simple way. You don’t need to spend time finding the keywords for your ads. Google Shopping works by using your product feeds. It has a self-driven process that decides the right queries where your ads should be displayed in the search results. And you believe it or not, it is always the ideal situation when your ad is shown in the search results.

From creating your ad to running your ad campaign on Google shopping, it is a very simple process and anyone from even a non-technical background can do this job. You have to create a product feed for your ad and you can manipulate in some ways to achieve the best results because Google relies on your product feeds to run your ads. This is why every B2B eCommerce development agency recommends the use of Google shopping.


Stand you apart from the competition

Although organic reach can work for you, it takes so much time to build a considerable place in the ranking. That’s where Google shopping can help the eCommerce business to sand apart from the competition. It is a great way to appear in the search results which is a very tedious process when it comes to organic reach.

If you want people to know about your brand even when you’re just a beginner level e-commerce startup, then Google shopping in an ideal way.

It can help you quickly become a part of the competitive market and after a short time, you can stand apart from the competition with greater sales.

Google shopping appears your product ads higher than the organic results and also displays your ad at the right time.B2B eCommerce development must adopt the Google shopping platform so better visibility and branding can be achieved.


Increase sales

Google shopping ads is very effective in terms of generating sales and revenue for e-commerce stores. The benefits furnished by Google shopping ads collectively help in providing better brand visibility, which is a vital factor in sales and revenue increment.

Once Google shopping ads start showing your ads on the first page, it will drive the major part of traffic to your eCommerce store. The more the traffic, the more the sales. This is a major reason why your eCommerce should be on Google shopping and why it is necessary for B2B eCommerce development as well.

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