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5 Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

Even something small as moving from a sitting desk to a standing desk can give you an immediate boost in productivity. Also, clear as much of your email inbox as possible the night before. This way, even if you’re tempted to open email or need to check something in your inbox, you’re not derailed by new messages. I find that it also keeps me from checking my phone in bed—a massive productivity killer. But working from home can just as easily be defined by poor productivity, low energy, and the slippery slope of procrastination. You spend half your time battling distractions, and the other half fighting off the guilt that comes from giving in to those distractions.

Take a poll to see if any of your remote employees have an interest in creating or joining an ERG, and provide them with the support they need to be a successful resource. Teams trying to take a break from deep, heady work may opt for activities where people use their hands and tap into their artistic sides. These virtual lessons call for participants how to make friends when you work from home to follow along as instructors teach them how to, for instance, draw or paint or make clay pinch pots. Plus, when it’s over, each team member has a souvenir they can put on their desk — whether it’s at home or in the office. Here are some fun ways to stay connected with friends, and family as well, when working remotely from home.

Remember that not everyone wants to be friends.

More tips on saving money here… did you know how much money you’re saving by working from home? WhatsApp makes it so that international calls don’t cost a heap of money, and you can video as well. Your closest contacts may be clients, vendors, editors, artists, service providers or many types of other relationships. If they will be live-presenting their creations, make sure everyone is available and that the date is on the calendar well in advance. Be collaborative by starting custom tags, color-coding and setting accurate deadlines.

Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

Lonely employees, in contrast, are less productive and more likely to leave their jobs. Another great way for virtual teams to connect and give back to their community is through service projects. If you have an employee resource group focused on volunteerism, partner with them and see if they already have ties to local organizations. Here are some ideas for work from home team building activities focused on philanthropy.

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But just because we’re not physically in the same room doesn’t mean we can’t make friends with our colleagues! You don’t need to be a sports fanatic to get some exercise and meet new people at sporting events. Again, it’s just the act of going that can lead to social interactions and help you learn how to make friends when you work from home.

  • They can be a good way to build friendships as there are opportunities to engage and participate in group activities similar to a typical work environment.
  • Does your organization have a virtual place to share photos of cats, dogs and birds, and other fuzzy members of their families at home?
  • Ask how your colleagues’ days are going, offer some relevant news or fun facts, or ask a question everyone can answer.
  • The more you engage with a person, the stronger a professional relationship—and personal friendship—you can build.

You could help them imagine what it must be like in your shoes by joking about the challenges of learning about your new organization from afar. A Gallup study found that remote employees with work friendships were more fulfilled, more loyal, and less likely to seek work elsewhere. Let’s face it, it’s harder to make good connections on distributed teams. Working from home has become the new normal for many of us, but one thing we might miss from the office is the social aspect.

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