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Reason of changing of logo design

Logos are peculiar objects – consumers tend to judge/recognize the company from their logo’s design. Logos are supposed to be the least significant object until and unless they are no longer present. The significance of a logo design according to the marketers is, it can persuade the buyers on a whole different level to hire you for their required job.

But what worth is a logo design if it reminds you of the ancient times? Here are 7 reasons to tell you that why is it about time for you to take the re-designing of your logo into consideration

1.      Representing the Identity of Your Company

A logo is taken as something that puts forward the idea of the type of business your company does and for whom does it do this for. Clearly, as absurd as this idea sounds no one is ever going to give it a try but apparently, there’s an existing example of how a logo design can say quite much about a company i.e. Adidas which has three slanted stripes in a triangle that represent a mountain and how you should always be ready for challenges, risks and remarkable challenges all athletes must conquer.

2.      It Gives the Feeling of Trust and Reliability

A modernized and perfectly crafted logo is going to turn into the symbol of Trust and Reliability that the company is highly responsible for it doings and accountability. Looking at a tempting logo can help in authenticating your firm in the eyes of your customers. Coming up with innovative and creative logo ideas can lead to a better logo and hence a better image of the company. However, a logo that is crafted poorly can give rise to the company having second thoughts about hiring you.

3.      Does the Logo Look out-of-date?

If your logo isn’t up to par, it’s highly likely that your website would seem less techy in comparison with all the other best logos out there, certain fonts, shapes and color combinations can result in making your company look outdated and can hence, use some redesigning of the logo. Making subtle changes in your logo can make the customers think that the company is rapidly regenerating and coming up with others.

4.      Be Prominent

Having an easy-to-copy logo can steer you into a pit of fraud and create a duplicate false image. Petite establishments can copy your logos and sell under the name of your company and provide your buyers with the items that have low-quality and can bring threats to the prestige of your company. Making slight changes in your logo design every once in a while can prevent that from happening. Taking the example of the ever-famous digital company Google. Google’s logo hasn’t encountered any drastic changes but it did receive a few modifications, as per the yearly trend.

That would be considered one of the many reasons that whenever Google’s logo is updated, you would hear people whirring about it.

5.      Have the companies been unified?

If your company has teamed up with another company, which is supposedly one of the many moments you should consider changing the logo design of your company and come up with new and innovative logo ideas that represent the fresh motto of this newly merged company and its aims and ambitions.

6.      Change in Company’s values and missions

If you’re looking forward to expanding your horizons and introduce new things to your business but your logo does not allow you to do so, change it. Because if your logo is designed to show only what you used to serve, customers might not even go beyond it. Starbucks changed its logo and had eliminated the word “coffee” from it which delivered the message that Starbucks was looking forward to bring new products, which it did.

7.      Difficult to understand logo design

Following the phrase “first impression is the last impression”, logos are used to provide that first impression but what worth is a logo if it does not deliver a subtle idea of what your company does or what are its missions and values. A complicated logo is going to leave your customer’s mind in the treasure hunt of finding the message your logo’s design is delivering. As soon as you realize that your logo is no longer serving the purpose it was designed for, make adjustments in it.

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