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Characteristics of a Well-Designed ECommerce Website


Developing and designing for ecommerce website bring new and unique challenges that you haven’t seen before. Those sites that only sell products, for them it’s easy to look at sales and evaluate the success of the website. However, figuring out the factors that influence the success of an e-commerce website, as well as the strength and weakness is not an easy task.

Here we’re going to look at a few factors that play a huge part in creating a well-designed ecommerce website.

Easy Navigation

The most important requirement for selling a product is that the customers easily finds what he/she is looking for. Easy and Effective navigation is crucial for any site, but it’s way more critical for ecommerce sites. Confused and lost customers will result in decreasing sales. So, it’s more important to have a website with clear and logical navigation.

Although E-commerce has its ups and downs with navigation because of the number of products that are presented on the website. Moreover, sites like those of department stores have to be really careful with navigation, because visitors gets mixed up in so many options presented on a single page which makes it difficult for them to find what they want. User testing will be helpful in identifying any navigational issues.

ECommerce website design that doesn’t Overpower

The main focus of your ecommerce website should be on the products that available to customers for purchase. With a website that is over-designed for no apparent reason will only do you more harm. It will distract the customers from a potential purchase and drag them to the design.

Easy Checkout Process

The user experience is integral to the success of an ecommerce site, and the checkout process must be an easy way out for shoppers as well. Pratik Dholakiya explains it further, “One of the best things about online shopping is not having to wait in line behind a long line of equally frustrated shoppers at the cash register. You have your very own cashier every single time you decide to log on to your favorite e-commerce site and indulge in some retail therapy”.

If the checkout process is confusing or involves extra steps, most shoppers will abandon their cart and will not purchase anything. So, a checkout process must involve a minimal amount of steps yet simple for shoppers to make a purchase.

Accurate and Catchy Product Photos

Selling in a physical store is different than selling online. The shoppers cannot physically check the product before making a purchase. You must add quality photos that accurately portray the product, which will eventually make the buying decision easier for visitors.

Effective Search Section

Even though navigation is crucial for making the process easy for customers to find what they want, and a need for search section is adamant in letting visitors find a specific product. It feasible for shoppers to do a search than to navigate through several links. However, the search section should be based on the size of the website and the number of items that are available.

Lastly, for easiness of creating an e-commerce website that resembles and is a blend of all the above-mentioned characteristics, custom ecommerce website development Dallas is there to do just that. They have the tools and techniques to present you a well-designed E-commerce website.

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