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Development blunders That Can Ruin Your Mobile App


When you have a great idea for your business, it’s a great thing if you consider creating a mobile app for it. Because mobile is extremely popular at the moment, most businesses are integrating mobile apps into their online presence.

All things considered, there always comes one problem during this process. That is trying to figure out the right approach to implement mobile apps into your business. Which can be really difficult and most businesses end up making blunders in the process. Jennifer Marsh explains, “Mistakes are common but very easy to avoid. As a front-end developer, your goal should be to create applications that are easy to use for your viewers and support site functionality and speed”.

So, here I’m going to discuss what these blunders are and how we can avoid them in the process;

Deciding Which Platform to choose for your mobile app

Decide the right platform for your mobile app is the first thing that disturbs most business owners. Some decide their platform choice on stereotypes. Some fail to dissect each option available to them. It’s common to see most businesses prefer IOS because of its popularity, especially in the US. However, Android is used and preferred more globally. So, if you want your business to grow globally, my recommendation will be to consider Android over IOS. But before making any decision, you must ensure that you have looked into all the possibilities and alternatives. One bad decision can risk your global reach.

Thinking mobile app as a downsized web experience

Mobile application development is very much different from websites. It’s different in size, design, functionality, scope, etc. This difference can actually make or break your app. So, don’t think that you can copy your website into a mobile application. You need to understand that mobile app is here to provide user’s user-friendliness, portability, and experience. Making your mobile app with responsive design is the best idea for your business. It provides the best browser experience and user-friendliness. Ask your web developer to make a responsive design for your app. If he doesn’t know about it, hire a web development agency like Web Development services Dallas, who are experts in it.

Assuming that your app is going to sell itself

When your mobile app is completed, you place it over the internet and think your work is done. This is a very common mistake many developers and business owners make.

You need to figure out and implement a comprehensive plan that will increase your app’s visibility. Make a marketing strategy, include SEO into your plans and work in a scheduled manner. This way your app will gain a better status in the market and guide your business to success.


A mobile app can become the perfect tool through which you can bring your target audience towards your business. But it’s up to you to decide what and how you’re going to develop it, and how will you manage it over the web.

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