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Digital Marketing Strategy to Improve Your Site Appearance


The most difficult thing for an ecommerce site owner is the low site traffic, but that can be tackled with a perfect digital marketing strategy. When you improve your site SEO, you can increase traffic from organic listing in search engine, as organic results are free, they closely match the keywords that are being searched and results in increasing relevant traffic to your website as compared to paid listing, which appears in sponsored areas.

Neil Patel states, “To rank well, your content needs to align with that mission. That’s why I’m going back to basics, with SEO, to help you understand the new SEO rules, learn how to optimize for both humans and robots and to master on-page and off-page optimization”.

These terms are difficult to understand at first, and they are not for you to understand right now. Although there are many Digital marketing firms who can ease you off such Burden of marketing your site, Digital Marketing agency Dallas would be my recommendation. However, first, you must fully understand the basics of how your sites SEO will work.

So, I’m going to provide you some basics on how to SEO for Google Search.

Meta Tags

As we know, page Meta title and description (snippet) are important for your sites SEO. Google search uses them as information which it relates to the user search query. For Google, meta title is really important as a quick insight of the content as a result. However, the Meta description gives a concise summary of the content. Accurate description of the content can help enhance your click-through on Google search.

Meta keywords, on the other hand, is another need to be appropriately filled in meta description to easily manipulate site ranking in Google search. High keyword density can result in negative user experience and harm your site ranking.


Keeping your website URL simple and readable can help a user decide to click the link in Google Search result. In ecommerce websites, it’s common to access the same content through multiple urls. You can easily access a product from different page references, from internal to the external site.

Structured Data

Structured data (Rich Snippet) is a simple way to let the search engine know that your page contains more information than just meta title and description snippet, which might be useful for a user.


When you are using Google search, sometimes additional links appear in the results. This behavior is called sitelinks, in which Google finds the sitelink useful and relevant to your search query. As these sitelinks are an automatic process, we cannot actually see them. However, you can at least monitor what is indexed.

Digital Marketing As We Know

Lastly, keep in mind that the best content isn’t designed for search engines, content is solely designed for the users. Many ecommerce sites owner doesn’t easily understand this. Least they can do is to hire a digital marketing solution provider who can manage all your Google rankings and help you grow your business.

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