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How To Optimize Your Videos To Attract More Customers


Video production is one of the best ways to bring customers closer to your business. A great video is built on the foundations of a great copy. A great video means you have conveyed a positive message about your business to your customers. A well-crafted video strategy depends upon the qualities of your video production.

When you make a video for your business, you need to optimize it first and for most so that it reaches the right audience at the right time.

So How Can you Optimize your Business Videos?

Michael Litt Says, “Video marketing involves more work. It has to be timely, relevant, memorable, and most importantly, optimized if you’re going to see any return on investment”.

So let’s see how you can optimize your videos:

Video Titles

A video title is the key to your video ranking. The most important aspect of the title is that it persuades the audience to actually watch the video. So, you must follow the basic rules when writing a compelling headline for your video.

On-Page Content Creation

The content of your video also effects the ranking. If it’s embedded on your website, then a copy before and after the video is a must. Or if it’s a 3rd party video (like for Youtube) then description, comments and the transcripts will have an impact.

Time Matters

People find it a waste of time and money to create a video for their marketing strategy. They need to know that it’s as important as any other marketing strategy, and its much more effective. So, keep your videos interesting, if you don’t, the viewers will click away and not share it. There are many Video production firms that can help you build a business video, Like Video Production services Dallas.

Links and Social Media Shares

The same aspect that influence the page ranking will influence the video ranking as well. So, you must embed links to other relevant sites, and share the video on social media. This will enhance your video ranking both on YouTube and Google search engines.

Mass Posting Services

There’re a number of sites or services that will post your videos over to 3rd party websites. Don’t go for them anyhow. You need to focus on posting the video individually, so you can control the content on each site.

How can you generate Revenue with Video Or Video Production?

Generating revenue through a video largely depends upon two ways:

  • Directly (pop-up ads during videos, or pre-roll ads)
  • Indirectly (business awareness, drive people to your site)

For People online, videos are used to generate revenue indirectly.

However, in both ways, Audience is the key. No matter what your revenue strategy is, you need to keep everything according to your audience.

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