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3 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Social Media Campaigns


The greatest shopping period of the year is in full drive, yet there is still time to implement your holiday social media campaign.

Here are three effective holiday social media campaigns you can use to boost your revenue this season.

1. Have Contests on Different Social Platforms

Holding a social media contest is a great approach to acquire the holiday cheer while drawing in with your followers. It creates exposure and buzz around your brand, expands reach to your audience, and presents the opportunity to build a vault of user-created content you can influence amid the holidays.

There are few creative holiday contests which Creative Digital Marketing Firm Dallas used in their social media campaigns for their clients and you can utilize them for your social campaigns as well. Here are couple of them to kick you off:

Sweepstakes – basically the easiest to execute. Make it easy for users to enter by giving their email or utilizing a branded hashtag and guarantee the giveaway prize is tempting based on your buyer’s personas. Increase the likelihood of winning by offering numerous prizes.

Holiday photo contest – Ideal to increase user-created content. Utilize highly visual platforms like Instagram and urge followers to share pictures related to your holiday topic. To enter, have your followers post a picture or video to Instagram with a particular hashtag. Share how winners will be picked – either through the most social votes (favored for increased engagement) or a voting panel from your group.

2. Take followers Behind-The-Scenes to Your Holiday Events

With such a variety of festivities and events being held amid this time, why not welcome your followers in on the fun?

Utilizing live-streaming video platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live is an extraordinary approach to give your followers visible and authentic experience of your brand. This may include your yearly Christmas party, the office festivity, and decor, awards function, or a volunteer event.

Every event offers an opportunity to create content for your Digital marketing, so take total advantage by posting pictures, videos and utilizing live-streaming to involve your networks.

Sharing this sort of content can likewise humanize your brand, making you more tenable and bringing more attention to your business.

3. Share Holiday Tips and Tricks

Offer holiday tips to customers this Christmas season by publishing content which gives them leeway.

Depending on your specialty, you could extend your expertise on the best way to save money in the midst of the holiday surge, approaches to remain healthy amid the holidays, even legal advice that applies amid this time. Making these tips pertinent to your brand messaging is a plus, yet sharing valuable information isolates your brand and position you as a go-to source.

Don’t have time to distribute consistent blog articles for your fans? No worries. Content curation – or the process of social affair, organizing, and sharing the best content pieces that reverberates with your audience – is exceedingly viable for “filling in the gaps” of your content technique.

Extra Key Tips

Here are a few tips to executing effective social media campaign that helps make your desired outcomes (i.e. revenue).

Hashtags are the kings on social media – incorporate them properly to maximize exposure. Encourage new followers and produce engagement around your campaigns.

Consider giving your site a happy vibe by including a holiday themed background picture. Such changes appeal to consumer feelings, keeping them in the holiday, purchasing spirit.

Keep in mind to have some fun, it’s the holidays, a cheerful time.

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