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Basic Technical Aspects of an E-Commerce Website

This is why Custom E-commerce Website Development in Dallas Texas is important

Creating an E-Commerce website requires similar technical knowledge as creating a simple website. And same goes for the technologies that are used in E-Commerce websites. Mostly users hire web developers or designers to create an E-commerce website but it isn’t a difficult task if you have basic knowledge of coding and programming as well as know how about CMS.

When creating an E-commerce website, you need to take care of a few things; what type of E-commerce website you want to create? What tools will you use in order to create that website? And what are the technical aspects that you need to focus on?

What type of E-Commerce website you want to create?

What you are selling is what will define your E-Commerce website. Whether you are considering creating a website which focuses on selling product from a particular brand, or a marketplace where you want to sell products from multiple brands, or you want to create a website with focuses on offering great deals on different brands. It’s up to you to decide and when you’re done deciding then you can go on to the next phase.

What tools and technologies do you require?

  1. Hardware & Software: A Web Server (hardware) which will be used to host your website and Browser (software). You need to program your site compatible with multiple browsers.
  2. TCP/IP address & Domain: it will allow users to find your application over the internet.
  3. Database System: Database is an integral part of an E-Commerce website. A database will store your client information and product information, pricing, images, and details. You can create your websites database with SQL, MySQL or any other DB.
  4. E-Commerce platform: You need to decide what platform you will use to create the website. PHP or ASP.Net are the preferable ones. HTML, CSS or JavaScript will be used to create the interface of your website.
  5. Payment Methods: You need to integrate different payment methods for customers which will allow them to purchase goods easily. Debit and credit cards to access funds directly from their accounts, or online payment services like PayPal or Paymate, are some popular payment gateways that you can add to your site.

What Technical aspects do you need to focus on?

  1. Security: You need to make sure that your site is safe for customers when they submit their account information. Making your website SSL certified is a great option to ensure your website safety.
  2. 24/7 customer support: To make your website successful, you need to ensure that you give your customers 24 hours 7 day a week customer service.

Lastly, the thing that you need to keep in mind as mentioned in an article by, “It’s important to have a marketing strategy in place to get traffic to the site. Search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns are two services which should not be overlooked to drive traffic to the website”. So, your site has to be SEO friendly in order to become a top priority for customers to shop from.

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