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Top 3 widely used Javascript Frameworks

Javascript Frameworks Development-Services

To most of the client, web applications simply means creating a website by combining together multiple HTML pages. But frequently enough, their knowledge about web development has increased and now most of the application owners want their application to perform and do everything on a single HTML page itself. Which can give the developer a serious headache while the designer gets away with less work to do.

And that is where creating interesting JavaScript Frameworks has really hit the paddle, those frameworks that can benefit all three parties, the developer, the designer, and users.

There are a bunch of javascript frameworks available in the market, but not all them can be termed as Frameworks. Not all but some of them can be categorized as a set of tools which can make your coding slightly easier   but that also requires the help of other tools to really get the job done. Although it’s almost impossible to create a framework that can do all the things but there are few frameworks that make life easier for all the parties. Some of them are detailed below:

1. AngularJS:

Regarded as one of the most versatile frontend JavaScript Framework out there in the market.  Backed by Google, it has almost everything that a developer needs. More than 800 modules, updatable features, and it’s flexible enough. It has revolutionized web development and is doing the same with mobile application development.

2. CanJs:

It’s one of the newest of the lot but it’s simple yet powerful as compared to other web frameworks for coding and development.  It’s as efficient and friendly as AngularJS so it made our top 3 list.

3. KnockoutJs:

Knockout is a better option for small scale applications. It has all the basic features and modules for small scale web application development.

So if you’re really looking for the best frameworks for your future web application then you can pick one of the above with eyes closed.

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