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A timeline of a business owner’s web development experiences


It was 1969 when the internet was born, not many people knew the internet back then. Even if they knew, they didn’t know what to do with it. But in 1989, a website was developed or to general revolution was developed. 27 years have passed, and now in 2016, websites have become the focal point of the World Wide Web. The world of web development has evolved beautifully over the course of 27 years. According to Dallas-based Web development agency, web development has become the most common practice of the current generation of youth.

So I will give you a unique look into the evolution of web development and how they affected our lives and our business.

The “I created” website

When you are a business owner and you have nothing right now to show your customers the services you are providing, for that you know you need a website. As anyone would conclude, ”Something is better than nothing”. So you think to yourself “How hard can it be? I mean, computers do all the work, right? So you take a stab at it and somehow manage to create a static website, and well it’s definitely a website….kind of.

The “my friend did it” website

You have a friend and he created a great blog website for himself, and honestly, and you admire him a lot and he might be the best computer geek in your circle, but let’s face it, he’s not a web developer, at least not for you. He may know how to make a few things appear on screen, but you get what you paid for. You ask him to create a website for your business and he creates yet another blog face website.

The “Inexpensively pro” website

Your business is growing and you decide your website needs to make a better impression. Seeing as how there are a billion and seven web designing companies out there, you decide to find the best deal and choose the cheapest one. That worked out so well for your gallbladder surgery, what could possibly go wrong? Yeah, you picked the wrong one for your business.

The “custom built” website

Do you know what’s great about custom built sites? Everything. The real professionals are designed a custom solution specifically catered to your business. It works in all browsers, all devices, and drives new customers right into your hands.

The Data Driven” Website

What could be better than a beautiful, functional, and unique website? Several beautiful, functional, and unique websites! Now that your website is tip-top and driving tons of traffic, you test things to see what is the most effective. Your site gets better and better, and so does your business.

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