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Guide to Boosting Small Business Web Design Projects


To a freelance designer, a small business can be the most valuable customers. They usually require repeat work and can opt for a single designer if needed.

So, I’m going to share a few tips on how you can work on small business design projects. It’s absolutely vital for you to look after your project, client, and creative process in a way that works best with small business owners.

If you can work with great clients, you should be willing to do extra efforts for their need. And in the long run, this will bring you lots of work and recommendations to other businesses.

Planning with the Client

A designer is hired for his expertise. But they don’t usually know everything about small businesses, so it’s crucial to work together with clients to plan every step.

Close collaboration must occur in between the whole project, most importantly in the early planning process. Gather as much information about what client wants on their website. And the best way to do that is to ask questions and explain your ideas, give suggestions that can boost uniqueness in the website.

Web Design ideas from another website

Look into other websites that you like and design layouts based on the best ones. At this time, the client’s input is important because you can identify what features the clients prefers and likes in another website. This will work best if you can borrow various features from those websites. If your clients like the color on one site and the page layout of the other one, then you can just merge them together with your own creativity to make something your client is bound to like.

But one thing to remember is, you must gather feedbacks from the client first. Because design phase is difficult to change after you moved toward coding the website.

Simple Content and Writing

Customers prefer to get right to the point on a business website. Most of them look for something specific and they don’t like to get confused up.

What customer is looking for will be the base of your site. A few things most people look for are;


Staff behind the company

Contact details.

This information must be kept simple and easy to find. What bugs off a potential customer is an over-complicating layout.

Keep the focus of your homepage on the site’s features and services, and most importantly site’s navigation. Keep the link text easy to understand for visitors to help them find what they want quickly.

Another additional thing to keep in mind is that the best way to showcase your business is to add relevant photos in your content. Hire a Pro photographer if needed, and get a shot that resonates with viewers. Explained by Jake Rocheleau, “there is a good reason for a web designer to learn photography, but it’s not mandatory for the job. That’s why it’s common for web designers to hire a photographer on small business projects

Learn other skillsets

There is a great value of being a generalist than a specialist. Learn as many technical skillsets as required to build, and boost a high-quality business site. Some skillsets that you can look into are;

Website design



Branding and SEO/marketing

A Way Forward in Web Design

Web Design is changing rapidly and more entrepreneurs are willing to get their hands dirty in different areas. However, Web design Firm Dallas has made relative success in defining and producing possible small business startup that is now cruising into success.

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