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10 ways you can escalate your website’s conversion rate

Website’s Conversion Rate:

What worth is the traffic on your website if it does not convert? In other words, the conversion rate is said to be the rate of users that come to your website and end up clicking somewhere whether it is an advertisement or the contact information. If the users end up clicking nowhere on your website, the conversion rate of your website will remain stagnant. This article will highlight the 10 key factors which will compel your visitor to make the click, thus increasing the conversion rate of your website,

While enquiring for the information of your visitor, try to enter as fewer fields of information as possible, asking for lengthy and various fields of information can end up frustrating the visit which may result in the visitor leaving the website and thus, would decrease the conversion rate while increasing the bounce rate. Additional information can be obtained later.

Here Are The List Of Tens:

  • Try to gain the attention of the visitor by using charismatic words that have the touch of possession (for example “take hold of your”, “reserve your place”). Another thing to gain is the trust of your “buyer-to-be” by giving them a guarantee for the product and the insurability of the product in terms of any sort of defect, malfunction or fault.


  • Mentioning the features of your product in clear words make the possibility for the clients to hit the click button of your product but as important as the features of your product is, “how will it benefit the buyer” is just as important in compelling the buyer to make the purchase.


  • Make sure to make your headlines the key element of your website as it is the first thing that the visitor may see. In other words, your headline is considered to be a one-time shot to make your first impression on the clientele with a fistful of words to describe your product. In order to make a compelling headline, people tend to take the help of gimmicks and clichés which are now easily detectable by the users. Try to use strong and compelling yet genuine verbs and adjectives while describing your product.


  • Make it easy for your customers to understand your product while giving them a pictorial or a video based sample of what your product is all about as sight is considered to be one of the strongest senses of all and can easily explain the client the working of the product. If the product that you are offering is intangible for instance a software, you can upload a graphical representation of someone deploying that software, graphics can be added anywhere and can be a great source of selling of the product.


  • Don’t use manipulative and sugar-coated language for the description of your product as the users nowadays prefer straightforwardness over anything that is being oversold. Try to use factual points for your product and be honest and straightforward about the features of your product and its value for your customer.


  • Attempt to make your calls to action (CTAs) prominent enough to be noticed by the user accessing your website. Your CTAs should be compelling enough with an effective content. Many people take this factor for granted and wonder why their conversion rate optimization is not up to the par. It might consume time and energy to make compelling CTAs but it is worth it.


  • Suggest related products to the user as it gives a sense of friendly environment. You can add links to the related product or content in order to keep the user engaged on your website. View the reviews of the people who have consumed your product and are satisfied with the work you deliver, also adding the stock numbers can be a key factor in the selling of your product. (for example “place your order now, only 4 left in stock”)


  • Use a chat tool for your website that will be helpful to answer any further queries of the customers and provides a sense of care and responsibility of your company. Having a fast customer support can potentially increase the time span of the user on your website and can be vital for the conversion rate optimization.


  • Try to keep the layout, content and offers as simple as possible. Complex layout of the website can be hard to access for the users as it may consume more time. Don’t stuff your website with loads of pop-ups and flashy signs as it may annoy the user and therefore may result in a low conversion rate of your website.

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